“Recently, it was I who taught a new fellow how to do the job!”

In 2014, Diego Villagra signed his first employment contract –
 a milestone in his adult life. This is certainly thanks to his perseverance and persistent family support, but also thanks to the SKBergé company’s commitment to the integration of persons with cognitive disabilities into the workplace.

Diego has made good progress in carrying out his daily activities, including traveling a long distance each day to work via public

transportation. Once at work he performs the duties of a warehouse assistant; and after nine months of internship, during which time he received a living wage, he became a member of the permanent SKBergé staff.

This initiative of labour integration is bringing slow results, yet for Diego it has become an enriching experience that has allowed him to exhibit all his abilities. As he noted, “I like working and it is easy getting along with my companions, working in teams. Even more, recently I taught a new fellow how to do the job!”

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