“Greer is not marginalized, but inspiring others”

We have been gifted with two beautiful daughters:  Sydney and Greer.
Sydney flew through the public school system from kindergarten through grade 12 in a relatively uneventful way, as did Greer. What’s exceptional about Greer’s experience is that she has Down Syndrome. Years ago, she never would have been afforded the opportunity to follow in her sister’s footsteps like many younger siblings dream to do. What’s even more exceptional is that Greer not only followed her sister’s footsteps in many regards, attending the same elementary and secondary schools, but she also paved her own path, participating in even more school activities than had her sister, and as such is today a capable, confident, and contributing member of our community. Because of New Brunswick’s Inclusive Education policy, Greer attended regular classes, received the necessary support, and participated fully in all school classes, activities, and clubs. In elementary school she participated in the drama and reading clubs and was acknowledged with a Bravery Award. Now in her final year of high school, she has:

  • Celebrated being a “Four Year Vet” in the annual high school musical production
  • Held leadership positions in the Best Buddies Programme
  • Developed lifelong friendships
  • Lived an ordinary life

Who could ask for more?
Many people who have taught Greer or had her in their clubs have commented on what she had added to the respective group and its dynamics. She has often been acknowledged for adding joy to the group, bringing people together and inspiring others to conquer challenges. We are thankful for Inclusive Education, which has enabled Greer to thrive rather than be marginalized as have many before her and many in other less progressive places.