“Now I work at the deli in Eurostar, stocking all the shelves”

My name is Aoife Cully and I live in the village of Clonbollogue in County Offaly with my mum and dad. I am 23 years old. Three years ago I worked out my personal plan with Jo, my keyworker, and I told everybody that I wanted to get a job. I never had a job before and I was very unsure about what I wanted to do.

My mum had heard about Project SEARCH at Naas General Hospital and she thought I might get experience there of what it is like to work. I had to learn to get the bus to Naas to go the hospital. I had never used the bus before, and mum and I were nervous about that, but I got very good at it and now I can use the bus by myself.

The hospital was massive and it took me a while to learn how to get around. Wendy and Trish, who volunteer with Project SEARCH, helped me settle in, and I worked in three different departments: in the wards, in the gift shop and the public coffee shop, and in the catering department. During this time I composed my CV and I also did some practice interviews. I told Wendy and Trish that I really wanted to work in a supermarket, and together with my Dad they helped me get a job in Eurospar in Portarlington. I work in the deli department, and I also work with the girls stocking all the shelves. I love my job as I get to meet new people and I can buy new things from the money I earn.

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