“Today, I earn enough to support my family of eight people.”

Abdul Bashir, who has a physical disability, is a beneficiary of the micro finance programme sponsored by the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Programme (AREDP). A native of the Big Mohammad Khail village in in Afghanistan’s Parwan province, he is the breadwinner of a family of eight.

At the outset, Bashir had a difficult time finding a job where he could train and could earn an income, but that changed when he was selected by AREDP to be a member of a “saving group” in his village. AREDP also provided Bashir with training and business skills, and helped him to establish his own grocery shop.

“Before joining the AREDP saving group, I was jobless and had serious economic problems. AREDP helped me establish a grocery shop in my village, and today I earn enough to support my family,” reports Bashir with obvious satisfaction.

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