Crowdsourcing is a very powerful tool for all kinds of nonprofit organizations. The Zero Project is acting on a global basis. We try to get a hold on the bigger picture on accessibility and inclusion. To do so, we collect the small ones around the globe and put them together. And here is the tricky part:

Every project, every policy, every piece of information we collect is written in a different language! That’s quite a big deal for us. But we can handle to translate all “small pictures“ into English. However at the end, we want to make sure that everyone who contributed to the “bigger picture“ is capable of fully understanding it! So we need to translate everything into many different languages! And that’s where it gets really tricky.


The perfect way would be to hire people to do the translations.

But that’s a matter of a lot of funding. Let’s cut it: No way!

The second best way is crowdsourcing.

The support of a strong foundation of Facebook-Fans and Twitter-Follower can help to get things done.


We know, it’s not perfect, but we are very thankful for the great support and for the eight captions for the Life Cycle Video so far!

If you can submit a new caption, please find the transcript at the end of this post and send our translation (as plain text in an email or as a document) to

existing captions:


And finally, the Life Cycle Video: