The Zero Project network was invited by the Moscow Agency of Innovations from the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship jointly with the executive authorities of Moscow to the Open Challenges program, which identifies, selects and pilots local and international innovations that can address the city’s needs.

The topic of the challenge is: Innovative solutions to boost social interaction and raise awareness of challenges faced by children with special needs, which started on December 28, 2015 until December 28, 2016.

Thinking that the society at large that has to meet the needs of people with disabilities and special needs, this challenge aims to facilitate a positive response from the residents of Moscow, and to create an inclusive environment that has educational, consulting, social and cultural components.

Submitted technologies and solutions will be considered and assessed, and also recommended for the inclusion into the List of Innovative Hi-Tech Products and Technologies used by the city. Best solutions will be awarded with an opportunity to run a pilot project in the city. Successfully piloted solutions will be recommended for a large-scale implementation in Moscow’s infrastructure.