Bree-Anna, British Colombia, Canada

Read the life story of Bree-Anna – her family did set up a Microboard for her. Vela Microboards is a Zero Project Innovative Practice 2015.

Life Story

My name is Bree-Anna, and I am from British Columbia, Canada. Due to the physical and developmental challenges that I face, I need assistance with things such as my daily life activities, transportation to college and recreational venues, and voting during elections. I also need assistance with managing my paid support needs.

Over ten years ago my parents heard about Vela Microboards. In British Columbia support to set up a Microboard is available for free through Vela. We thought it was a great idea to manage my supports and services with assistance from family and friends. My parents, along with my brother, a number of our extended family members, and several friends, created a non-profit organization just for me! This is my ‘Microboard’.

The members of my Microboard know my wishes, needs, and practical information, such as my favourite foods, so I am sure they will support me to make the best decisions for my life. What I like most about my Microboard is the support that it provides me to do fun things I enjoy, like tubing on the lake in the summer, going out to eat, attending parties, and exploring new adventures together. I am really happy to have people I know and trust helping me to manage my life.


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The presentation given at the Zero Project Conference 2015 by Ms. Linda Perry from Vela Microboards can be found here.