G3ict‘s CRPD 2016 ICT Accessibility Progress Report, which is assessing the degree of compliance of States Parties with the ICT accessibility provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), has been launched at CoSP9.

The fourth edition of the report, based on data collected in cooperation with Disabled Peoples International, shows that digital access is still lacking all around the globe. It includes some fascinating data on country laws, policies, and programs pertaining to accessible and assistive Information and Communication Technologies, for instance:


  • 38% No Accessibility Policy
  • 50% Policy with minimum implementation

Government websites

  • 60% No Accessibility Policy
  • 21% Policy with minimum implementation

Mobile Phones and Services

  • 65% No Accessibility Policy
  • 25% Policy with minimum implementation

Assistive Technologies Available at Major Universities

  • 70% Not Available

Download G3ICT’s 2016 ICT Accessibility Report and SDG Readiness Survey (MS Word)

The report also includes this year a survey of the readiness of 104 countries to monitor Sustainable Development Goals’ objectives for persons with disabilities.

Both, G3ict and DPI, are Zero Project partners.