Peter Badimak Yaro receives the 2019 Zero Project award from Martin Essl

There are still two weeks left until the nomination process for the 2020 awards closes. So why bother making your application now?

Once the nomination process ends, we have very tight deadlines for each stage of the selection process. This means there is very little time for us to look at the nominations in detail before the experts begin their evaluations.

By making a nomination early, it gives us the chance to take a detailed look at your nomination and give some tips and feedback to improve your chances of being selected. We have been running the Zero Project nomination process for many years, which has given us a huge insight into what the experts are looking for. And it’s not always the project itself. In many cases the key is in the way it is written – So that experts can easily understand the project and therefore give a fair opinion of it.

Many of those who have already submitted will be well aware of our feedback, as they will have already received emails from Wilfried, Seema, Paula or me with some (hopefully) helpful hints. In many cases we open the applications again for editing to allow you to make these small changes which can lead to a big difference in the later rounds.

When it comes to the final days of the selection process, we will be receiving tens of applications each day. Last year saw more than 150 applications created in the final week. It will simply not be possible to give detailed, individualised feedback at this point. So go ahead and improve your chances by making your nomination now!

Good luck!