Zero Report Report 2016 is published

This year´s Zero Project Report 2016 has gathered valuable data on the situation of persons with disabilities. Looking at 30 social indicators, it gives a detailed picture of the implementation of the UNCRPD in 129 countries. Moreover, more than 3,000 people nominated Innovative Practices and Policies, with about 150 experts from the Zero Project’s global […]

86 Innovative Practices are online

In Armenia, there is still a segregated approach to education of young people with disabilities, like in most countries of the world, but “Bridge of Hope” is about to change this by supporting mainstream schools and training their teachers in inclusive education methods. Today, already 2,200 children with disabilities receive their education in inclusive schools. […]


A million-user online platform is strengthening Latin American DPOs by The Trust for the Americas

The POETA Social Franchise Platform is an accessible online tool focused on building the capacities of local organizations working with people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean. The POETA Social Franchise platform replicates and expands the POETA Model – an accessible vocational toolbox for training people with disabilities in the use of life skills, technology, and job readiness.

Stimulation kit and training for caregivers by Uhambo Foundation

The Ndinogona Stimulation Kit provides caregivers with tools, resources, and training to play with and stimulate children with disabilities, allowing them to participate in everyday activities. The kit includes four-colour-coded bags containing all the needed toys and assistive devices for facilitating participation. A manual illustrates over 100 activities and songs.

Vocational training leading directly to jobs in the open labour market by Youth4Jobs Foundation

The project provides a 45-day vocational training and a one-week traineeship for young people with disabilities living in rural areas. The training schedule was designed in cooperation with companies and future employers together with persons with disabilities. The project also collaborates with stakeholders like Government, Associations of Persons with Disabilities, Communities, etc., to create inclusive working places.

Simulating a superarket as a learning environment by Istituto Tecnico Economico “C. Colombo”: “At the Supermarket” project

The College “C. Colombo” supports the acquisition of all skills (“soft skills”) that facilitate the socialization and employment of young people, but especially to remove cultural barriers towards the full social inclusion of young people with disabilities. The projects works with all students, both with and without disabilities, and collaborates with small enterprises and local companies. The two-faceted project is integrating young people in a work environment and at the same time raising awareness about disability issues in local companies and promoting changes in their employment practices.

Preparing young people for real jobs in bakeries by Caritas

A bakery in Upper Austria and Caritas have organized Backma`s, a project that provides vocational on-the-job training for adolescents with disabilities. Under the supervision of mentors, the apprentices acquire practical skills in the production of pastries in a full-fledged working bakery in Linz so that they are then able to find employment in the open labour market.

Finding employment by profound training by The Living Link

The guiding principle of The Living Link is that intellectually disabled people can be equipped with new skills and can then successfully find employment in the open labour market. The course material was written for and in collaboration with intellectually disabled people to ensure that the material was understandable and could be readily incorporated and made practical in their every-day lives. There are no formal assessments, as many of the young adults are illiterate. However, it is recognized that with proper training intellectually disabled adults are nonetheless able to function in the workplace.