Returning Malaysians with acquired disabilities to work


By providing job placement and employment support for workers who have acquired disabilities and, at the same, by challenging the conception of the term “not able to work,” Malaysia’s Job Placement & Employment Support Services initiative is promoting the return to work, and has placed 3,072 people in new jobs to date.

Creating employer demand for inclusive hiring

Canada's Ready, Willing and Able Initiative of 2014-2018

By adopting an ‘Employment First’ approach and taking a ‘demand’ rather than a ‘supply’ focus, Canada’s ‘Ready, Willing, and Able’ initiative enters into a direct dialogue with employers, informing them about the fact that persons with intellectual disabilities make excellent employees and can fill regularly occurring vacancies. By September 2016, 1,159 employment opportunities were secured.



All-Sector-Cooperation creating jobs in thousands of companies

Ecuador’s Labour Integration Service (SIL) of 2006

By orienting its users to find a job, by providing them with punctual training and placement assistance, and by working together with the entire socio-labour spectrum, the Ecuadorian Labour Integration Service officers a wide array of services to support persons with disabilities to access the labour market, especially disabled women and youth. This effort has led to some 12,900 people now working in 8,355 public and private enterprises.

One platform for all – from assistance to incentives for employers

Australia's JobAccess Service of 2006, renewed 2016

By providing practical assistance to people with disabilities, employers, and service providers, Australia’s JobAccess Service is a government-driven service that removes barriers and reduces bureaucratic hurdles to disability employment. To date, JobAccess has managed 245,000 enquiries and 33,000 applications for employment assistance funding, and has created 2,500 job opportunities.