With under a week before the second Zero Project Conference kicks off on Monday, February 18th in Vienna, Austria, here are just some of the many distinguished experts who will be there to share their views, experiences and expertise on securing decent work for persons with disabilities…

…Coming to Vienna from around Europe and around the world, the Zero Project looks forward, amongst others, to welcoming:

Barbara Murray, Senior Disability Specialist at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva.Ms Murray’s presence is all the more significant since, focusing as it is on employment and persons with disabilities, this year’s conference is being organized in collaboration with the ILO.

Hosted, once again, in Vienna, Austria, the conference will be honoured to welcomethe country’s Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, himself a native of Vienna, Rudolf Hundstorfer.

Flying in from India, Javed Abidi, both Vice Chair of the International Disability Alliance and Chairperson of Disabled People’s International will be with us from the world’s second most populous country.

Javed Abidi – Vice Chair of the International Disability Alliance and Chairperson of Disabled People’s International

Coming in from Spain, Miguel Ángel Cabra de Luna will be with us from both Fundación ONCE in Madrid and the European Consortium of Foun­dations on Human Rights and Disability in Brussels, Belgium.

Şafak Pavey, recipient last year of the International Women of Courage Award from the United States Department of State (there’s a great picture of Ms. Pavey on the web flanked by Michelle Obama and Hilary Rodham Clinton), and member of its Grand National Assembly, representing Istanbul Province, will be joining us from Turkey.

From Boston in the USA, Bill Kiernan, Director of the Institute for Community Inclusion/UCEDD, and recently appointed Dean and Research Professor at the School of Global Inclusion and Social Developmentat the University of Massachusetts at Boston, will be escaping the recent snow storm that dumped feet of snow in the North East of the country.

We will be joined not only by these distinguished guests, but also many others including presenters of exemplary Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices, together with a number of Ashoka Fellows, in what promises to be a great conference next week.

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