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          • Balkan Museum Network

            The Balkan Museum Network was established in 2006 in Gustavianum Museum in Uppsala, Sweden. The museum cooperation aims at enhancing cultural understanding, developing staff competences, facilitating exchange of ideas and exhibitions and making the museums more inviting to the public. The Balkan Museum Network exists to celebrate, preserve and share the complex common heritage of the western Balkans. It is based on mutual respect and guided by a commitment to professionalism and shared ethics (Source: Website)

          • WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business


          • Alberta Association for Community Living


          • SLW - Capuchin Social Services Austria


          • NUDIPU - National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

            National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an umbrella organization that advocates for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities’ and their concerns in the mainstream development processes. The NUDIPU strategic plan 2020-2024 highlights progressive commitment on part of the government through legislative and policy frameworks which promote and protect the rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Source: Website)

          • Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam

            MCNV is a Dutch NGO with the mission to enhance the equitable and sustainable access of marginalised people to resources and services that improve their health and inclusion in developing countries in South East Asia. (Source: Website)

          • Pentru Voi Foundation

            Non-governmental organization that provides community services in partnership with the City Council and Timisoara City Hall and advocates for the rights of people with developmental disabilities. Its mission is to increase the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and their families. (Source: Website)

          • Sao Mai Center for the Blind

            Since Sao Mai Center was established in 2001, their main goal is to promote the usage and development of assistive technology in education and employment for the blind. In June 2014, the Executive Board decided to set more missions for the center, which are to promote employment opportunities for the blind, to make the Center more sustainable as well as to continue to develop and keep their existing activities going on. Due to the new strategies, the Center was renamed "Sao Mai Vocational & Assistive Technology Center for the Blind" in June 2014. Most of the services and products provided for the blind are free of charge. (Source: Website)

          • CAFE - Center for Access to Football in Europe

            CAFE is a core UEFA CSR partner, working to improve access and inclusion for disabled people using the unique power of football. Their vision is a world where disabled people are a key part of the global sporting landscape, as fans, employees, volunteers and leaders, so that everyone has equal opportunities to contribute in an accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • Forum of the Handicapped

            FOH was founded in 1986 as an organization representing persons with disability in the North of Lebanon and running different services that facilitate the integration of persons with disability in their community. As a result of the Syrian crisis, FOH has extended its services to include Syrian refugees with disabilities. One of the main objectives of the “forum of the handicapped in North Lebanon” is to turn the city into a friendly place for persons with disability, and to help them live in dignity on an equal basis with all members of society. (Source: Website)