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          • Joanneum University of Applied Sciences


          • Institute for Epilepsy, LEA - Living with Epilepsy in the World of Work

            The Institute for Epilepsy IfE gemeinnützige GmbH (short IfE) develops and implements projects that serve to improve the quality of work/life of people with epilepsy and their families. Epilepsy consultants with appropriate training advise affected persons, their families, pedagogues, entrepreneurs and others on all issues related to epilepsy. The IfE often works in collaboration with the Epilepsy Interest Group Austria to raise awareness, disseminate knowledge and combat discrimination, and works in a growing network. (Source: Website)

          • Phnom Penh Center for Independent Living

            The Phnom Penh Center for Independent Living (PPCIL) is a Phnom Penh based, Cambodian, non-governmental organization established in 2009 which was founded by Cambodians with disabilities. PPCIL promotes a rights based approach to disability and development aimed at empowering disabled persons through the independent living movement. (Source: Website)

          • Malteser International

            Malteser International is the worldwide relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. For over 60 years, they have provided relief and recovery during and following conflicts and disasters. They also work alongside vulnerable communities on long-term programs to deliver lasting change. Christian values and humanitarian principles form the foundations of our work: bringing aid to people regardless of their religion, background, or political convictions at over 100 Projects in more than 20 countries. (Source: Website)

          • NOWPDP - Network of Organizations Working with People with Disabilities

            NOWPDP operates in the development sector with a focus on inclusion through empowerment of persons with disabilities. Its view on persons with disabilities is for them to be an important stakeholder in the bigger picture, whether one considers education or employment, ergo the saying “A Part. Not Apart”. The core values behind NOWPDP’s framework are empathy, action and social justice. Therefore, the splayed fingers in the logo mark represent the whole, with the smaller, slightly different thumb representing persons with disabilities as an integral part of it. (Source: Website)

          • Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

            SCA works for a better future for Afghanistan, where human rights are respected and all citizens live in dignity, enjoy equal opportunity and social justice. SCA has over 6 000 Afghan employees, all contributing to stability in an unstable country. The programs are to the vast majority implemented in rural areas. SCA is operating in 17 of Afghanistan’s provinces. (Source: Website)

          • ENABLE Scotland

            United Kingdom

          • ICEVI - International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment

            The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) is the world’s major association of individuals and organisations concerned with equality of access to appropriate education for children and youth with vision impairment. (Source: Website)

          • Royal Society for Blind Children

            The Royal Society for Blind Children supports blind and partially sighted children and young people, and their families. They offer a range of services including emotional support and practical advice for families, opportunities for children and young people to build confidence and skills through activities, and a specialist further education college. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • Action on Disability Rights And Development-Nepal

            Action on Disability Rights and Development is nonpolitical, Non-Governmental, non-profit making rights based development Organization of persons with disabilities, functional in Nepal since its establishment in 2008.The objectives of ADRAD are the Promotion of accessible books for persons with visual and print disabilities in Nepal that is in line with the article 9 of UNCRPD. (Source: Website)