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          • INEE - International Network for Education in Emergencies

            The Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) is an open, global network of members working together within a humanitarian and development framework to ensure that all individuals have the right to a quality, safe, relevant, and equitable education.  INEE’s work is founded on the fundamental right to education. (Source: Website)
            United States of America

          • Rhein-Main inklusiv e.V.

            The association "Rhein-Main inklusiv" (RMi) was founded by a group of people with and without disabilities. It has its roots in the self-determined living movement, but wants to go beyond the limitations that this philosophy has regarding the inclusion of people without disabilities. The association sees its task in promoting inclusion in the areas of work, education and leisure. In this context, mobility and personal assistance also play a major role. (Source: Website)

          • Le Messageur - Innovative Services for the Hearing Impaired

            Since 2012, Le Messageur has been committed to providing access to communication for people with hearing loss. Its know-how is the result of cooperation between hearing impaired people and different actors, to develop new uses, associated with sound enhancement and real-time subtitling technologies. (Source: Website)

          • The Arc

            United States of America

          • Scope - Disability Charity

            Scope is the disability equality charity in England and Wales. It's a strong community of disabled and non-disabled people with a shared vision of equality. They provide practical advice and emotional support whenever people need them most, for example with the Scope helpline, our online community, a range of employment and child sleep services, community engagement programmes, partnerships and more. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • BBDN - Bangladesh Business & Disability Network

            The Bangladesh Business and Disability Network (BBDN) is a voluntary group of representatives from business, industry, employers’ organizations and selected non-governmental and disabled peoples’ organizations. BBDN has a primary purpose of facilitating disability and work place diversity in Bangladesh from the perspective of the business and human rights cases. (Source: Website)

          • WALK - Inclusive Employment Services

            WALK is a charity supporting the development and maintenance of relationships which lead to the attainment and sustainability of socially valuable roles and natural support networks. They are part of a larger community and work towards improving the quality of life for all people in our community. They engage in person-centred processes and use this direction to build social capital and community living, equally, for ALL people. (Source: Website)

          • Fundación Descúbreme

            Descúbreme Foundation was created in 2010 with the mission of promoting the comprehensive inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities in all areas of human development. It has focused its management on promoting labor and educational inclusion through training for youth and adults. (Source: Website)

          • Northern Uganda Hip Hop Culture

            NUHC was founded in 2009 in Gulu, and in 2010 it was brought NUHC to Kitgum to be established as a community-based organization (CBO) to empower youth through hip-hop. Today, NUHC remains one of the most active youth-led and youth-focused organizations in Kitgum, and perhaps in Northern Uganda. (Source: Website)

          • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Tucuman