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          Your search returned 399 Organizations

          • DanceAbility

            United States of America

          • JDC - American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

            United States of America

          • St. Cloud State University

            United States of America

          • Fedvol - National Federation of Voluntary Bodies

            The National Federation of Voluntary Service Providers Supporting People with Intellectual Disability is the national umbrella organisation of voluntary/non-statutory agencies who provide direct services to people with intellectual disability and autism in Ireland on the basis of service arrangements with the HSE. (Source: Website)

          • Association Artesens

            An association founded in Paris in 1995 by Françoise Reynette. The idea of Artesens is to make discover works of art belonging to our ancient and contemporary heritage by an interactive, artistic, educational and playful approach. The challenge is to bring into play the different sensory registers and more particularly the sense of touch, to develop an artistic awakening and to learn to "see" differently. (Source: Website)

          • Ninlil

            Ninlil is an association against sexual violence against women with learning difficulties and multiple disabilities. (Source: Website)

          • Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation

            The Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) was founded in 1993 in Novi Sad on the initiative of the World Council of Churches. It is a development organization that, through practical action, guided by Christian ethical values, contributes to building a just society in which differences are respected. (Source: Website)

          • CBM - Christoffel Blind Mission International

            The Christoffel Mission for the Blind (CBM) is an international development organization for people with disabilities. It is named after Ernst Jakob Christoffel, who traveled to the Orient in 1908 to help blind and otherwise disabled people. CBM's goal is to break the cycle of poverty and disability in developing countries and to create a better quality of life and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. (Source: Website)

          • Amitim

            Amitim is a Public Pension located in Tel Aviv Israel. (Source: Website)

          • Special Olympics Arizona

            Special Olympics is the world's largest sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities. The goal of Special Olympics as an inclusion movement is to help people with intellectual disabilities gain more recognition, self-confidence and ultimately more participation in society through sports. The first SOAZ competition in Arizona took place in 1975. (Source: Website)
            United States of America