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          • STEP - Special Talent Exchange Program


          • Suryakanti Foundation Center

            Suryakanti Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide early detection and intervention of developmental delay. The multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive inter-disciplinary service for children between 0-8 years old – particularly those with neuro-atypical condition, so that they could gain recognition as an individual with special ability, despite having special need. (Source: Website)

          • Technological University of Santa Catarina


          • Aspa Foundation

            The mission of Aspa is to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities and people recovering from mental health problems to live an independent and autonomous life. Aspa develops individually-tailored, high-quality and safe living solutions in ordinary residential environments. In general, Aspa strives to influence the design and construction of housing and local communities so as to treat the needs of all members of society equally. The Aspa Foundation owns about 1000 housing units all over the country. (Source: Website)

          • Save the Children Armenia

            Save the Children established its presence in Armenia in 1993. It has earned a high reputation for delivering quality programs for children, and establishing strong and influential relationships with government and civil society networks. According to the decision of Save the Children headquarters, the organization terminated its operations in Armenia as of July 31, 2020. (Source: Website)

          • Poses Family Foundation

            The Poses Family Foundation (PFF) is a New York City-based foundation. PFF is dedicated to bringing about significant positive impact in five focus areas, the largest being learning disabilities, through a combination of business disciplines, nonprofit expertise, funding and passion. In addition to supporting nonprofits financially, they provide them with capacity-building advising in such areas as strategic and operational planning, initiative design, talent development and management, and marketing to help them scale in a sustainable way. (Source: Website)
            United States of America

          • Bridge of Hope

            "Bridge of Hope" (BoH) is an NGO that defends the rights of children and youth with disabilities. BoH's mission is to protect their rights and dignity and to support their social inclusion in the Republic of Armenia. This inclusion is promoted by means of advocating for access to basic education, community-based services and equal opportunities for independent living. BoH was established in 1996. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • Vela Microboard Association

            Established in 1985, Vela Canada is a not-for-profit based in British Columbia, Canada. Vela Canada assists people with disabilities in taking greater control of their lives by exploring ideas that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports primarily through developing a Microboard™ or accessing Individualized Funding. There are now over 1,100 Microboards™ in BC alone, providing individuals with a self-directed lifestyle. (Source: Website)

          • Tanzania League of the Blind

            Tanzania League of the Blind is a registered non-governmental organization that is committed to improve the quality of life of people with  visual impairment in Tanzania through lobbying and advocacy; awareness raising; information sharing; facilitating access to education and vocational training; and economic empowerment. In pursuing this mission, TLB networks with other like-minded organization and take cognisance of the cross cutting issues of gender, HIV/AIDS, environment and good governance. Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB) is the only national Non-governmental Organisation operated by the blinds and visually impaired themselves in Tanzania. It has around 35,245 members with 104 district branches countrywide. (Source: Website)

          • Caritas Linz

            Caritas of the Diocese of Linz, also Caritas Upper Austria, is a social aid organization of the Roman Catholic Church in the Austrian Province of Upper Austria. It is part of Caritas Austria, but an independent institution and reports to the Bishop of the Diocese of Linz. Caritas for people with disabilities' core task is the support of people with disabilities in their integration into into social life. They encourage and accompany children, adolescents and adults, support them by relieving the burden on their families and by providing training and assistance for professional integration. (Source: Website)