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          • Living Link

            The Living Link is a non-profit organization in South Africa that implements a model of supported employment for young people with disabilities. Starting with life and work skills training and first experiences by job sampling the education is followed by placements in the open labor market. Candidates who are placed in employment earn the same salary and wages as non-disabled colleagues. In 2015 alone, approximately 50 people have been placed in different forms of employment, several with permanent working contracts. (Source: Website)
            South Africa

          • BLITAB Technology Gmbh

            BLITAB is the first ever Braille tablet using a disruptive actuating technology to create tactile text and graphics in real time. It was designed for universal literacy and inclusive future. (Source: Website)

          • Kota Kita

            Kota Kita is a non-profit organization based in the Indonesian city of Solo with expertise in urban planning and citizen participation in the design and development of cities. They provide education, facilitate citizen participation and collective action, and work with governments to build bridges between officials and their constituencies. Their vision is a city that is shaped and shared by informed and empowered citizens — A City for All. (Source: Website)

          • Curtin University, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work

            Curtin is an innovative, global university known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to preparing you for jobs of the future. (Source: Website)

          • Basic Needs Ghana

            BasicNeeds-Ghana is a mental health and development advocacy organisation that implements and promotes initiatives to transform the lives of people with mental illness or epilepsy by providing access to integrated mental health care, social and economic services in the communities of Ghana. (Source: Website)

          • The Arc's National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability

            The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability (NCCJD) serves as a bridge between the criminal justice and disability communities. NCCJD pursues and promotes safety, fairness, and justice for people with I/DD, especially those with hidden disabilities and marginalized identities, as victims, witnesses, suspects, defendants, and incarcerated persons. (Source: Website)
            United States of America

          • Catholic University of Chile, Centre for the Development of Inclusive Technologies


          • ITSE C. Colombo - Technical and Economic Institute of Porto Viro

            The high school meets broad and diversified educational needs covering the entire geographical basin that from the east of Rovigo arrives to the Delta of the Po. There are numerous educational, cultural and recreational proposals organized in extracurricular hours. Of great importance are the internships organized at local companies. The professional experiences, consistent with the educational path undertaken, range from the mechanical and electrical sector to the business and tourism sector. All their diplomas, in addition to allowing an immediate entry into the world of work, allow the enrollment to all university faculties for the achievement of specialist and master degree. (Source: Website)

          • British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society


          • FUWAVITA - Tanzania Joy Women Entrepreneurship for the Deaf

            Providing opportunities for deaf women to have strategies to free themselves from difficult living conditions, FUWAVITA is responsible for enabling them to have the opportunity to participate in various fields especially entrepreneurship and other important needs and also to educate communities to understand their challenges and priorities. (Source: Website)