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          • LPHU - Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union

            Founded in 1981, in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, to advocate for the inclusion, equality, and rights of people with disabilities in Lebanese society. From it’s very beginnings on Beirut’s sidewalks, LUPD has been a grassroots and non-sectarian organization led by people with disabilities. In the decades since its founding, LUPD has worked to shift government policies and the national discourse on disability from a framework of charity and exclusion to a framework of rights and inclusion. (Source: Website)



          • STEP - Special Talent Exchange Program


          • Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies

            Sign language research and training programmes started in 1993 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then, the sign linguistics research programme has taken root at the university, and, after a decade of research effort, the university is now being recognised as the first academic institution specialising in sign linguistics research and Deaf training in the Asia-Pacific region. (Source: Website)
            China - Hong Kong

          • CSF - Child Sight Foundation - Global

            Established in 2000, CSF Global (formerly the Child Sight Foundation), works to establish a rights-based inclusive society for children with disability in developing countries throughout the world. They work to ensure that no child is disabled from either preventable or treatable causes (biological and social) and that all children with disabilities and their families have access to high quality evidence-based services and support. (Source: Website)

          • ILO Bangladesh

            The International Labour Organization (ILO) works with governments, workers and employers organisations to promote decent and productive employment opportunities for women and men in Bangladesh.The ILO opened its office in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1973. (Source: Website)

          • itworks

            itworks is a non-profit organization that works to narrow employment gaps and promote diversity in Israel’s booming high-tech industry. By collaborating with global and local tech companies who wish to benefit from a diverse workforce, they help rising talents from disenfranchised social sectors apply for open employment positions, integrate into cutting-edge organizational environments and experience on-the-job success. itworks was established in 2006. (Source: Website)

          • Inclov

            Inclov is a matchmaking platform for people with disabilities to make friends and find love. It started in 2016 and stands for inclusive love. (Source: Website)

          • SG Enable

            SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. (Source: Website)

          • ENOSH - The Israeli Mental Health Association

            Founded in 1978, Enosh is the largest mental health organization in Israel delivering comprehensive and groundbreaking community-based rehabilitation programs in the domains of supportive housing, employment, and socialization and family counseling centers. They also address early intervention efforts through innovative programs for youth. Over the years, Enosh has spearheaded significant changes in mental health legislation rights and service delivery and is bringing its expertise to the forefront of the local and global mental health agenda. (Source: Website)