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          • WALK - Inclusive Employment Services

            WALK is a charity supporting the development and maintenance of relationships which lead to the attainment and sustainability of socially valuable roles and natural support networks. They are part of a larger community and work towards improving the quality of life for all people in our community. They engage in person-centred processes and use this direction to build social capital and community living, equally, for ALL people. (Source: Website)

          • Ministry of Education of Montenegro


          • Delta Process

            Delta Process, created in 1993, is a company specializing in commercial architecture and support for retail chains. It is pioneer expert in the processing of audio and video streams with secure protocols. Delta Process created Tadeo, a solution dedicated to communication in the workplace between hearing and hard of hearing or deaf people. They can, in complete autonomy, telephone, receive calls or participate fully in team meetings. (Source: Website)

          • City Bridge Trust

            City Bridge Trust is the funding arm of Bridge House Estates. It was established to make use of funds surplus to bridge requirements and provides grants totalling around £25m per year towards charitable activity benefiting Greater London. The City of London Corporation is the sole trustee of the Bridge House Estates and members of its Court of Common Council form the City Bridge Trust’s Grants Committee. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • DPOD - Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark

            Disabled Peoples' Organizations Denmark (DPOD) is the umbrella organization for 34 Danish disability organizations. DPOD works both, at the municipal level, where DPOD has 97 local departments, nationally, and internationally. The purpose of DPOD is to enable persons with disabilities to live a life like everyone else. (Source: Website)

          • University of Dortmund


          • Independent Living VZW

            Onafhankelijk Leven vzw helps people with a physical or mental disability to take control of their lives. As an organization that forms the basis of the healthcare budget, they stand up for the right of all people with disabilities to live their lives as independently as possible. As a healthcare budget specialist, they are the first partner for people or their families who choose to manage this budget themselves. (Source: Website)

          • University of Turku


          • Down Syndrome Association

            Down Syndrome Association is a non-profit organization committed to support people with Down Syndrome (DS) in Turkey by increasing awareness and fighting against discrimination in the society. Their goal is to enhance lives of people with DS by providing knowledge necessary to live a full life. They provide information on education, health and social care, and build a communication network among families and caregivers. (Source: Website)

          • Access Earth

            It is the goal of Access Earth to create the world’s largest database of accessibility information so everyone can plan their adventures and experience what the world has to offer. Access Earth provides accessibility and COVID-19 related information, to help support everyone looking to make informed decisions on where they can feel the safest and most welcome while shopping, eating or experiencing the world around them. (Source: Website)