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          • equalizent Schulungs- und Beratungs GmbH


          • Scytl

            Scytl strives to transform and modernize elections, meetings, and decision-making processes by implementing innovative technology to guarantee the highest levels of security, transparency and accessibility at every step. (Source: Website)

          • ColorADD Miguel Neiva & Assoc. Lda.

            ColorADD is a unique, universal, inclusive and non-discriminative language that enables the colorblind to identify colors, with a wide infinite spectrum of use on companies/entities whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice. (Source: Website)

          • Muscular Dystrophy UK, Changing Places Consortium

            Muscular Dystrophy UK (previously known as the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign) is the charity bringing individuals, families and professionals together to fight muscle-wasting conditions. Founded in 1959, they have been leading the fight against muscle-wasting conditions since then. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • Science without Barriers Association


          • PIKSL - Living in the community gGmbH

            PIKSL uses the skills of people with and without disabilities to develop products and services for all people. For this purpose, they create educational opportunities for learning and working together. PIKSL is a brand of the "In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH" (IGL) from D├╝sseldorf. It pursues the goal of making digital media accessible to all people and developing them further. PIKSL works together with various social service providers - these establish their own PIKSL labs within the framework of a social franchising model and are accompanied and continuously supported by a PIKSL management team. PIKSL labs are open places where people with and without disabilities develop social and technical innovations. (Source: Website)

          • Design for All Foundation

            The Design for All Foundation is an International Non-for-Profit organisation founded in 2001. It collects and disseminates Universal Design/Design for All Good Practices and knowledge around the world; enhances the respect to human diversity and works for a world where everyone enjoys equal opportunities for personal development. (Source: Website)

          • Inklusion Muss Laut Sein UG

            Behind Inclusion Must Be Loud stands the motto "From fans for fans". Since 2009 together they visit the biggest festivals, museums, soccer matches of your club, without misunderstood help or unnecessary pity. There is a buddie for everyone and strangers become friends very quickly. Together they create more participation for all, whether affected, users or volunteer buddies. (Source: Website)

          • University of Koeln


          • Young Africa

            Young Africa is a confederation of independently and locally registered affiliated NGOs. Each affiliate runs training centres, youth (self-) employment programmes and community activities. Currently, there are nine training centres in five countries in Southern Africa. (Source: Website)