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          • FACIL'iti

            FACIL’iti is an Internet company aiming to make the digital world accessible to any person affected by either a physical, sensorial and/or a cognitive disorder. (Source: Website)

          • Fight the Stroke

   is a foundation that supports the cause of young stroke survivors and children with Cerebral Palsy. FightTheStroke exists to answer to the need for knowledge and support for families impacted by the management of a young stroke survivor and with a disability of Cerebral Palsy, to educate to the awareness that children, even those not yet born, can be affected by potentially disabling brain damages; to inspire the new generations and encourage research and adoption of 'disruptive' therapies. (Source: Website)

          • Blue Badge Style

            Blue badge Style is 'redefining disability with style'​. It provides information for people, for whom style and disability are not mutually exclusive. The aim is to create a community of people, initially in Europe. It was established in 2012. (Source: Website)
            United Kingdom

          • CNSE Foundation

            The CNSE Foundation is a non-profit state organization born in 1998. Its main purpose is to carry out initiatives in education, training, employment, accessibility and social participation, with special attention to information and communication technologies. Since its incorporation, the CNSE Foundation has carried out important work in the standardization of Spanish Sign Language, as well as in the planning of its use and learning, constantly watching over the linguistic quality. (Source: Website)

          • Saint John of God Liffey Services


          • autArK Social Services-GmbH


          • Aspa Foundation

            The mission of Aspa is to promote opportunities for persons with disabilities and people recovering from mental health problems to live an independent and autonomous life. Aspa develops individually-tailored, high-quality and safe living solutions in ordinary residential environments. In general, Aspa strives to influence the design and construction of housing and local communities so as to treat the needs of all members of society equally. The Aspa Foundation owns about 1000 housing units all over the country. (Source: Website)

          • Save the Children Armenia

            Save the Children established its presence in Armenia in 1993. It has earned a high reputation for delivering quality programs for children, and establishing strong and influential relationships with government and civil society networks. According to the decision of Save the Children headquarters, the organization terminated its operations in Armenia as of July 31, 2020. (Source: Website)

          • Mopius Mobile GmbH

            Mopius is an Austrian Startup in the telecommunication industry, focused on mobile app development. They develop solutions related to the development, marketing and distribution of mobile solutions such as apps, chatbots and skill for all kinds of companies. (Source: Website)

          • Standard Chartered Bank, Taiwan

            It is a leading international banking group listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. (Source: Website)