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          • LIFEtool

            LIFEtool is located in Linz (Upper Austria) and is a non profit organisation founded by Diakoniewerk and AIT Austrian Institut of Technology. LIFEtool wants to contribute to opening up the world of computers to children, teenagers, adults and ageing people who suffer from physical handicaps, learning disabilities or multiple impairments. (Source: Website)

          • Vienna Board of Education

            The Directorate of Education for Vienna is responsible for all schools in Vienna. It is also a partner and contact for all students, parents and teachers. (Source: Website)

          • Zennevalley Home Furnishings

            Woonwinkel Zennevallei gives free information, explanation, guidance and advice on questions about living. (Source: Website)

          • My Human Kit


          • PO Skåne - Personal ombudsman in Skåne

            PO Skåne conducts representation activities for people with mental disabilities in 17 of Skåne's 33 municipalities. TIt is politically and religiously independent and is run as a non-profit non-profit association. PO Skåne has been operating since 2000. It contributes to recovery, autonomy, participation and good living conditions for people with mental illness - providing support based on the person's wishes and assignments. (Source: Website)

          • Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare


          • Ceva de Spus Association

            Asociatia Ceva de Spus is a group of self-advocates with the goal to rise awareness in the society regarding the difficulties a person with disabilities has to face. (Source: Website)

          • Plena Inclusión Asturias

            Plena Inclusion Asturias is an organization that represents people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. They are committed to helping these people and their families to achieve their own life projects. (Source: Website)

          • Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna

            Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna aims at ensuring effective organization and operation of passenger railroad traffic in the region of Łódź. (Source: Website)

          • Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

            Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona is Barcelona's main public transport operator. (Source: Website)