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          • Safaricom PLC

            Safaricom is the largest provider of telecommunication solutions in Kenya. In addition to providing a broad range of products and services for Telephony, Broadband Internet and Financial services, Safaricom seeks to uplift the welfare of Kenyans through value-added services and support for community projects. (Source: Website)

          • Electoral Commission of South Africa

            The South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is the electoral commission of its country. It was formed under the transitional constitution adopted in 1993 with the vision to be a pre-eminent leader in electoral democracy. (Source: Website)
            South Africa

          • Inclusion Mauritius

            Inclusion (Mauritius) is affiliated to Inclusion International, which represents 200 Federations in 115 countries. In 2003 Inclusion (Mauritius) was founded bringing together many NGOs working for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Inclusion Mauritius' mission is to defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and educate their families for the effective care of their children. (Source: Website)

          • Cape Mental Health

            Cape Mental Health is committed to challenging socially restrictive and discriminatory practices affecting the mental health of all people. It was founded in 1913 and provides a range of community-based services for persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. (Source: Website)
            South Africa

          • Namibian Ministry of Arts, Education and Culture


          • Wigital

            Wigital is a small digital media and development company specialising in the creation of educational content within the digital realm. Wigital pioneers educational content of all kinds and applies the best ICT platforms to that content to maximise the reach and learning effect of its users. It also has a strong focus on disability empowerment and accessibility technologies, working closely with those in the Deaf community and expanding that reach to the blind and visually impaired. (Source: Website)
            South Africa

          • Solar Ear

            Solar Ear is a social business that sells low cost hi-tec hearing aids with excellent quality, specially in developing countries. (Source: Website)

          • KFF - Kadiwaku Family Foundation

            Kadiwaku Family Foundation (KFF) is dedicated chiefly to eradicating of poverty for persons with disabilities and is also involved in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities in Africa. Kadiwaku Family Foundation works towards helping to address accessibility in all spheres of life and will empower persons with disabilities through the application of economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach in order to enhance their quality of life and living standards. (Source: Website)

          • Uganda Society for Disabled Children

            Uganda Society for Disabled Children is a local Non-Government Organisation (NGO), committed to recognising and equalising the rights for children with disabilities. USDC’s main aim is to help children with disabilities and their parents to access the resources and opportunities to enable them achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. (Source: Website)

          • Ethiopian Federal TVET Agency