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              • A woman with one hand on the keyboard of her laptop and the other on the trackpad. The screen of the laptop displays Jobsability portal showing the chat support, profile completion and other features.

                An online accessible skills-driven job platform

                Jobs Ability’, launched in 2018, is a development of the US non-profit Our Ability, in cooperation with Syracuse University and Microsoft. The Artificial Intelligence-driven job matching service uses algorithms that focus on the skills and abilities of persons with disabilities, rather than on what they do not have.
                Our Ability - Access to Opportunity, Jobs Ability, United States of America

              • A mixed group of men in different ages and appearing to be in the autism spectrum seated in groups scattered in a hall raising one of their hands holding a mobile phone.

                People with intellectual disabilities co-designing digital innovations

                The co-design toolkit of Ireland’s Saint John of God Liffey Service (SJOG) enables people with intellectual disabilities to co-create mobile apps that support their daily lives. Launched in 2016, the co-design programme had 70 participants and more than 30 apps being developed by 2022.
                Saint John of God Liffey Services, Co-Design Toolkit for Designing Inclusive Apps, Ireland

              • At-home support for parents with intellectual disabilities

                Begleitete Elternschaft’ (Accompanied Parenthood ) is a project of MOBILE – Selbstbestimmtes Leben Behinderter e.V. from Germany. Since 2006 eight to twelve parents with intellectual disabilities per year are supported in raising their children at home, assisted by educators in the areas of life skills, teaching, and childcare.
                Mobile - Independent Living of Disabled People e.V., Accompanied Parenthood (Begleitete Elternschaft, BE), Germany

              • A young man appearing to have disability and a woman are standing in front of a wall where the light show is beamed.

                A museum in an ancient citadel as a role model for accessible sights

                The Tower of David Museum, an ancient citadel in Jerusalem, Israel, has developed a model that allows people with different disabilities to visit in an accessible, inclusive, and stress-free way. It now serves as a role model and is leading the Museum Accessibility Forum, reaching all museums in Israel.
                Tower of David Museum, Accessibility and Inclusion Programme, Israel

              • An African man wearing a longsleeves and a baseball cap using a life-sized electronic tablet to register for EnableMe forum.

                Nationwide platform for all disability-related information in a low-income country

                In 2021, EnableMe Kenya launched an interactive online platform to support people with disabilities and their relatives who have no other access to relevant information. The portal provides information on more than 200 topics and had more than 70,000 visitors between 2021 and 2022.
                EnableMe - Kenya, EnableMe Community platform, Kenya

              • The photo depicts a group of African men and women gathered around tables in a community setting, possibly a classroom or meeting space. The individuals are engaged in what appears to be a discussion or workshop, with a focus on inclusivity and community support, as suggested by the poster in the background mentioning improved access to inclusive early childhood care. The attire and adornments of the participants, along with the context provided by the poster, suggest a commitment to cultural identity and social development. The scene embodies themes of collaboration, education, and empowerment within a diverse community.

                Ensure inclusive early childhood care and education in refugee camps and emergencies

                CBM and Waldorf Kakuma Project, Kenya: Runs an inclusive education project in Turkana County for children with disabilities. Provides learning materials and teacher training. From 2021 to 2023, supported close to 2,000 children.
                CBM Turkana Inclusive Education Project, Kenya

              • This image depicts a diverse group of individuals in an educational setting. The focus is on cultural exchange, as evidenced by the person at the front, who appears to be giving a presentation about China, as suggested by the cultural artifacts and decorations, such as traditional clothing and informational posters. The audience includes people of different ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating an inclusive environment where learning and appreciation of different cultures are encouraged. This scene promotes themes of equality and tolerance through education and cultural awareness.

                Cultivating deaf leadership and global advocates from China to the United States

                CIDAD at St. Cloud State University, U.S.: Graduate leadership certificate for Chinese deaf citizens. Initiatives include internships, summer camps, and advocacy videos. Plans to involve 30 interns in 15 deaf schools by 2024.
                US China Deaf Leadership and Advocacy Project, United States of America

              • A young girl appearing to have a physical disability seated in a specialized couch laughing with two African women.

                Digital-based support group for parents of children with disabilities

                The Parent Network is a community-based support group for parents of children with disabilities, accessible through a dedicated app but also in person through designated volunteers. Launched in 2020 by Shonaquip Social Enterprise from South Africa, it already had some 1,000 participants in 2022.
                Shonaquip Social Enterprise, Parent Network, South Africa

              • Four African women with motor disabilities wearing orange shirts with "Survirvor Voices Against Rape (SUVAR) 2022" printed posing for the camera in a pavillion.

                Support programme for women with disabilities against sexual violence

                Disability Voices Against Rape (DIVAR) ist ein Programm der Lilian Dibo Association in Kamerun für Frauen und Mädchen mit Behinderungen, die von sexueller Gewalt betroffen sind. Neben der direkten Betreuung bemüht sich das Programm auch um die Sensibilisierung der Öffentlichkeit. Im Jahr 2022 hatte DIVA etwa 1.000 direkt Begünstigte.
                Lilian Dibo Association, Disability Voices Against Rape (DIVAR), Cameroon

              • A man holding the jar to help a young woman appearing to have psychosocial disability transfering the strawberry jam with a ladle.

                Hotel employment and training for persons with psychosocial disabilities

                The Wesenufer Hotel in Austria was opened by Pro mente in 2008 and is a medium-sized seminar hotel that employs people with psychosocial impairments and provides them with multi-professional training. Due to the expansion of the hotel, the number of employees has increased from 20 to 54 by 2022.
                Pro Mente Oberoesterreich, Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau, Austria