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              • Project participants sit around a table covered in working material, dicussing Autism learning partnerships.

                Building capacity to support the Inclusive Education of Children and Youth with Autism

                PAT is a training programme for educational staff, families and service providers in dealing with pre-school children and students in an inclusive educational context. The introductory training is available online. Advanced training and on-site coaching is provided for professionals who design and manage programs for learners.
                New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, New Brunswick Provincial Autism Training (PAT), Canada

              • The photo shows a group of six children engaging in an art activity. They are seated around a table, each with a piece of paper in front of them, painting or drawing faces with various expressions. The children appear focused and happy, with some looking up and smiling at the camera. One child is making a friendly wave. Their diverse appearances reflect a natural and harmonious blend of backgrounds, emphasizing inclusivity. The environment seems to be a classroom, which is bright and welcoming. The presence of paint pots and brushes suggests a creative learning atmosphere.

                Combining pedagogical and psychological support services in inclusive classrooms

                Bridge of Hope's Support Services, Armenia: Provides support services in 135 mainstream schools and kindergartens. By 2022, 550 children with disabilities were enrolled, influencing Armenia's inclusive education policies.
                Provision of pedagogical and psychological support services to children in Tavush Marz, Armenia

              • The photo shows a young girl in a pink dress, standing in front of an easel and speaking into a microphone. The easel displays a colorful drawing that appears to be created by a child, featuring a yellow building, greenery, and figures that could represent people. In the background, there are additional easels with artwork, suggesting this may be an art exhibition or school event. The setting promotes creativity and expression, and the girl's participation indicates a supportive environment fostering confidence and public speaking at a young age.

                Making mainstream schools more inclusive by applying an easy-to-share teacher-training module

                Research Centre for Inclusion (RCI), Vietnam: Developed a low-cost inclusive education training module in rural regions. From 2020 to 2023, trained 120 teachers, taught 274 children with disabilities, and involved 269 parents.
                Ensuring quality and friendly disability education for children with special needs, Vietnam

              • Indian campaign to educate visually-impaired children is going global

                The project's aim is to provide guidelines, accessible teaching and learning materials, access to appropriate ICT and provision of capacity building programs for teachers and parents to promote inclusive education for 4 million blind and low vision children throughout the developing world who have no access to education.
                ICEVI - International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, India

              • Children playing soccer.

                Promoting Inclusive Sports in Schools

                Working in close cooperation with the Special Olympics Austria, Inklusion Sport empowers youth and educators to promote social inclusion. Begun in 2004, they offer unified sport events, education and training in the Austrian state of Styria. Each year five physical education (PE) teachers receive training to become official advisers on inclusive sport.
                Basic Initiative for Sports and Inclusion, Austria

              • Creating inclusive pre-school institutions

                Working with the Ministry of Education and local departments, this project succeeded in enrolling 367 children with disabilities in pre-school institutions in seven regions of Kosovo. In addition, cooperation between schools, families, municipalities, rehabilitation centres and authorities was established, benefiting more than 7,500 children.
                Save the Children International, Kosovo

              • Three young girls in wheel chairs are ready to get pushed by three girls standing behind them at the start of a race.

                Supporting school enrolment of girls with disabilities

                STEP identified 220 girls with disabilities for school enrolment and provided 180 of them with assistive devices. The project was implemented with the support of parent-teacher councils and school representatives in two districts. STEP also trained 90 teachers in methods for teaching children with disabilities.
                STEP - Special Talent Exchange Program, Girl Enrollment Programme, Pakistan

              • Two men undertake a job placement with technical devices.

                Full-range services in Inclusive Education and job readiness

                PRIDE is a modular programme for people with disabilities covering the areas of training (from the age of 4), vocational preparation and job placement. Participants in the PRIDE program can either attend the Manzil Educational Center on a full-time basis or complete individual programs on a part-time basis
                Manzil Center, People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Empowerment (PRIDE), United Arab Emirates

              • A Sri Lankan man appearing to be blind holding the elbow of an elderly man who is looking at a lengthwise paper printed with different shapes held by another man. A group of men discussing behind them.

                Countrywide working group making elections more accessible

                Disability Inclusive Elections Sri Lanka’ is a working group of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Sri Lanka, which, in collaboration with the National Election Commission, has designed and implemented strategies and measures for the political and electoral inclusion of persons with disabilities.
                International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Disability Inclusive Elections Sri Lanka (DIESL) Technical Working Group, Sri Lanka

              • Providing a university experience for persons with intellectual disabilities

                The Inclusive Education Program at the University of Sydney is a pilot providing a university experience for participants in a range of studies of their choice, with students participating in regular lectures and tutorials as well as attending one-on-one tutorials and receiving peer mentoring for added support.
                The Centre for Disability Studies, Australia