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              • A government e-system making social assistance to persons with disabilities available by smartphone

                Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS), Ukraine: Simplifies access to social support for disadvantaged groups. Allows remote registration and service arrangement, benefiting persons with disabilities with reduced bureaucracy.
                Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS), Ukraine

              • This image shows a close-up of an open book with a tactile picture that a child is exploring with their hand. The page visible contains a large printed fish and text that reads "Big Fish was alone because it was so big. It could not play with little fishes." The tactile image is a raised outline of the same fish, allowing a child, possibly with visual impairments, to feel and understand the picture through touch. The book appears to be an educational tool designed for inclusive learning, promoting accessibility and catering to the needs of children with different abilities. The image embodies themes of understanding, inclusivity, and the importance of providing equal opportunities for learning and engagement for all children.

                Technology converting complex textbooks into Braille within hours

                Sensee in California created AI technology converting text to Braille rapidly and accurately, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired individuals in STEM education. From 2020 to 2023, they converted 1.5 million books.
                Sensee, United States of America

              • This image depicts a person in a garden center watering plants. The individual is using a walker, which indicates they may have mobility challenges, yet they are actively engaged in the task of gardening. They are dressed casually in a pink and purple plaid shirt and jeans, and they appear focused on their work. In the background, another person can be seen walking among the rows of plants. The setting is outdoors, and the garden center is filled with a variety of potted plants and gardening supplies. This scene promotes the theme of inclusivity, showing that gardening is an activity accessible to individuals with different abilities.

                Youth House: Empowering vulnerable young people with disabilities not in education, employment, or training(NEET)

                Salva Vita Foundation, Hungary: Empowers NEET youth through activities like animal-assisted therapy and job coaching. From 2018 to 2022, supported over 140 participants, with around 70 finding employment.
                Youth House, Hungary

              • The image shows two women sharing a joyful moment together. The woman in the foreground is seated and is wearing a black jacket and earphones; she is holding a smartphone and smiling broadly. The woman standing behind her, who is also smiling, is holding up the smartphone to display its screen. They appear to be showcasing an application on the phone, possibly related to a project or initiative they are both involved in. The setting suggests a casual outdoor environment, with green potted plants and a calm street in the background. The image conveys a sense of collaboration, pride, and happiness.

                An app and a movement to combat gender-based violence against women with disabilities

                CIDIP's App Morada, Mexico: Prevents gender-based violence with a video call-hotline for women with disabilities. Since 2020, used by 25,000 women, leading to a nationwide Purple App Movement.
                App Morada , Mexico

              • A  woman is standing on a step ladder in front of a shelf filled with children's toys inside a supermarket while smiling.

                Transfering persons with intellectual disabilities out of sheltered workshops

                Israel Elwyn has launched two programmes in 2015 to move people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream labour market. ‘Future Direction’ is aimed at individuals who have been working in sheltered workshops for many years, while ‘Creating a Future’ is aimed at high school students.
                Israel Elwyn, Israel Elwyn – Transitional Programmes, Israel

              • A man who appears to have down syndrome standing in front of a woman checking a  list. One man looking at the list with his hand is on top of the box while two other individuals are discussing beside him.

                People with intellectual disabilities as editors, experts, and political representatives

                Since 2017, Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from Germany has been running a qualification project for people with intellectual disabilities. To date, some 1,000 participants have been trained as editors, political representatives, and experts in accessible information.
                capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Capito Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

              • A man who appears to have cerebral palsy tries to press a button with his index finger and a computer monitor and keyboard in front of him. A white tarpaulin beside him is printed with the text "20 Outubro Dia Nacional Paralisia Cerebral".

                Independent and secret voting for all

                The Federation of Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Associations (FAPPC), together with IBM and Softinsa, has developed a voting system that uses different input devices to enable independent and secret voting for everyone, including people with motor, sensory, and intellectual disabilities.
                FAPPC - Portuguese Federation of Associations for Cerebral Palsy, Accessible Vote System, Portugal

              • A woman wearing sunglasses with hands raised up trying to touch a painting on a wall. On the upper right side of the photo, the phrase "Colors in Darkness" written beside the Scripor Alphabet logo.

                Promoting the use of the Scripor alphabet, tactile representations of colour

                The Scripor alphabet, invented in 2018 by the Asociatia Alfabetul Scripor from Romania, is the first universal colour standardization in Braille. Ten colours can be distinguished in light and dark with only two combinations of dots. International promotion of the alphabet is done through manuals and workshops.
                Scripor Alphabet Association, Scripor Alphabet, Romania

              • A man sitting in his electric wheelchair wearing a baseball cap, a mask on his chin and a headset around his neck and a woman seated with a belt in  her wheelchair both appearing to have cerebral palsy smiling at each other. The background which seems to be in a cafeteria is blurred.

                Supported housing for persons with complex disabilities

                JDC Israel Unlimited’s ‘Expanded Supported Housing’ programme supports adults with severe disabilities aged 21–55 to live independently. The services include help finding an apartment, actualizing rights, budgeting, cultivating autonomy, and building independent life skills as well as ongoing support.
                JDC Israel - Israel Unlimited, Expanded Supported Housing, Israel

              • Screenshot of the website of the National Council for Persons with Disability. A man in suit seating in his wheelchair in front of two monitors is used as a background overlayed by text Welcome to NCPWD CAREER PORTAL. Buttons of Register as job seeker and Login follows below.

                Online job-platform for persons with disabilities in a sub-Saharan country

                The National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities in Kenya, launched the NVPWD Career Portal in 2020 with support from mobile operator Safaricom. This offers personalized job recommendations and learning opportunities, and by mid-2022 had been used by more than 5,100 job seekers and 327 employers.
                Safaricom PLC, NCPWD Career Portal, Kenya