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              • Two children are playing with colorful cubes in front of a toy shelf in Kindergarden in the Berd region.

                Supporting smooth and inclusive transitions from preschool to primary school

                For teachers SMILE offers capacity-building training on Inclusive Education and mentoring visits to assistance. Also the parents are supported to encourage them to actively participate in their children's education. Furthermore, the programme also promotes cooperation between teachers and parents.
                Bridge of Hope, SMILE for Children, Armenia

              • Analysing the whole policy framework to identify barriers towards inclusion

                SWIFT provides a package of tools to support schools in analysing policies that are relevant to transform them towards Inclusive Education. The process looks at state statutes, funding principles, professional development and much more. The goals is to improve the academic and behavioural outcomes of all children.
                TASH - Disability Advocacy, United States of America

              • The photo shows a group of children engaged in writing on a large chalkboard. They appear focused and are likely in a learning environment, possibly a classroom setting. The presence of a woman in traditional attire suggests that this might be in an Asian context. The children are of varying ages and are seated on the floor, which indicates an informal or resource-limited educational setting. This image reflects themes of education, community involvement, and the importance of providing learning opportunities for all children, regardless of their circumstances.

                School-readiness programmes piloting government engagement in mainstream inclusive education

                Fourth Wave's Schools Where All Belong, India: Supports children in 14 rural schools in Karnataka. Improved education access for over 60,000 children. In 2022, tasked with a training program for 30,000 participants.
                Schools Where All Belong, India

              • Increasing diversity by increasing access to legal education

                IDIA’s project aims to empower marginalized communities through legal education, to sensitize them to law as a viable career option, and to support interested students in acquiring admission to leading law schools in India. IDIA also attempts to improve policies in the area of inclusive legal education and diversity within the legal profession.
                IDIA - Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education, India

              • A man and a woman stand next to each other in a workshop with shelves of metal pipes behind them. The woman is showing the man something on a piece of paper.

                DPO federation running a business sector-encouragement programme

                COCEMFE encourages and supports companies to include people with disabilities among their relevant stakeholders as suppliers, customers, and competent professionals, and therefore to go beyond inclusive recruitment and CSR. Since 2018, 161 such agreements have been signed with companies.
                COCEMFE - Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities, Making businesses Inclusive, Spain

              • This is an image of a classroom scene with several young African students. In the foreground, a focused student is using a Braille device to read or write, indicating an inclusive educational setting that accommodates visual impairments. The other students in the background appear attentive and engaged. The classroom environment suggests a commitment to providing education and support to all children, regardless of their abilities, promoting themes of equality and assistance.

                Access to inclusive education for the equitable employment of

                youth with visual impairments

                Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA): Provides assistive devices and digital curriculum content for users of digital Braille. Between 2018 and 2023, equipped 3,000 learners in six countries with assistive technologies.
                From inclusive education to employment for children and youth with visual impairments in Africa, Kenya

              • This image captures a group of individuals, who appear to be African, engaged in a workshop or meeting. They are seated around tables covered with patterned tablecloths, suggesting a communal and collaborative environment. A man stands at the front, possibly facilitating the session, indicating a focus on learning or discussion. The participants have various expressions of engagement, some looking directly at the camera, others in conversation, and some focused on materials in front of them. The scene embodies themes of collective effort, education, and possibly empowerment, as the group seems to be actively participating in a constructive activity.

                Inclusive education programme for children with disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa

                Appui au Développement de l’Enfant en Détresse (ADED), Congo: Implemented the Tunafasi Programme in Uvira region for quality inclusive education. Raised school attendance from 5% to 68.5% between 2020 and 2023.
                Tunafasi, Democratic Republic of Congo

              • Access to education for refugee children with disabilities

                The mission of this project is to improve the access to education for children with disabilities in the refugee camp of Gihembe (rural area) as well as in the town of Kigali (urban area) in Rwanda. After a pilot study, the initiative will share the results with its main partners, who are working on refugee issues in Rwanda.
                IRD - Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities, Rwanda

              • Many children are sitting on the carpets and writing on their labs in a blue class room.

                Providing Inclusive Education in camps for internally displaced persons (IDP)

                The project provides training for teachers, support for children and their families, and training for relief workers to identify disabilities and make their emergency services more inclusive. Since 2019, Light for the World has been working in partnership with relief agencies and NGOs in three camps in Southern Sudan.
                Light for the World Austria, IDP Programme, South Sudan

              • Inclusive Finances_PRA_Photo1

                Learning to manage one ́s own personal finances

                The goal of Inclusive Finances is to promote the capacity of people with learning disabilities to manage their personal finances in an autonomous way, with the specific goals of: learning basic financial concepts, improving one’s capacity to use money responsibly and applying the acquired financial knowledge to the labour market.
                ONCE Foundation, Spain