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              • A father and his daughter are looking at information material at a information stall.

                Free online platform supporting families of children with intellectual disabilities

                The Nayi Disha Resource Centre offers a free online platform for families with children with developmental disabilities. Building on this, the NGO has developed a program to support caregivers with limited digital literacy by using resources such as WhatsApp as well as workshops, support groups or family events.
                Nayi Disha Resource Centre, Online platform for empowering parents of children with intellectual disabilities, India

              • A person's right hand placed on top of the left hand with red bracelet in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is a bearded man seated with background "SERVEL" printed his thumb pointing up on the screen.

                Sign language video support for the electoral participation of people with hearing disabilities

                In 2021 the National Electoral Service SERVEL, which is responsible for conducting elections and voting in Chile, introduced a permanent video interpretation service in Chilean sign language on its website to support voter participation by people with hearing disabilities. In the same year 340 people used this service.
                SERVEL - Electoral Service of Chile, The Sign Language Video Interpretation Service of SERVEL, Chile

              • A woman using her mobile phone to take a photo of a poster that has information on the election.

                QR Codes used to inform voters who are blind or deaf about voting procedures

                In the run-up to the 2020 local elections in Ukraine, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) joined forces with the Central Election Commission of Ukraine to develop information posters with QR codes. These were linked to audio and sign language formats and were used by approximately 6,000 people.
                International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Accessible Voter Education in Ukraine, Ukraine

              • Two women wearing medical masks hanging clothes on the clothes rack in a well-lit room with floor to ceiling glass window. A dog sitting under the table behind the women.

                People-centred housing services for persons with psychosocial disabilities

                Founded by Support-Girona from Spain in 2018, the Housing Commission supports people with psychosocial disabilities to access housing. A person-centred methodology ensures that they can decide for themselves where and how they want to live. By 2022 more than 50 people have found housing in this way.
                Support Girona, Top House Housing Commission, Spain

              • Young students who appears to have psychosocial disabilities stare an image of a park with ferris wheel beamed on the wall. A teacher is standing at the side of the room observing the students.

                Children with disabilities learning with interactive wall and floor projections

                Digital Dream is a Singapore-based social enterprise that began offering creative digital solutions for the education of children with disabilities in 2018. The iCUBE uses projections on walls and floors to create immersive and interactive environments that allow children to learn real-world situations safely.
                Digital Dream, Digital Dream, Singapore

              • Student who mostly appear to have physical disability sitting in a classroom. In front of the room is a woman standing with her laptop and a big screen with the word "Copywriting".

                Jobs in digital marketing and social media for people with physical disabilities

                In 2021, Brand Solution from North Macedonia launched ‘Best Online Assistant’, an IT platform that offers courses in digital marketing and social media and places job seekers with disabilities in this field. By 2022, 40 people had attended courses, 10 companies were partners, and Brand Solution had expanded to Bulgaria.
                Brand Solution LLC, Best Online Assistant, North Macedonia

              • An AI-based smartphone app translating conversations into text messages in real time

                Nagish, New York: Developed an AI-driven app for deaf or hard-of-hearing users, converting audio to text and vice versa. Free, with corporate partnerships. Over 20,000 users in the U.S., Canada, and Israel in 2023.
                Nagish App, United States of America

              • Using gamification and mass events to train young people with disabilities in IT skills

                ITeachMe Competence Development Centre, Kazakhstan: Aims to empower socially vulnerable persons with disabilities. From 2019-2023, established partnerships with 100+ enterprises, with over 90% of graduates gaining employment.
                ITeachMe, Kazakhstan

              • This image shows two individuals, likely in a home setting. The person in the foreground appears to be a child with some form of physical disability, as they have supportive braces on their limbs. The other individual, possibly a caregiver or family member, is embracing the child with a warm, affectionate smile. The setting is cozy and domestic, with decorative items like potted plants and a wooden cabinet in the background. The interaction between the two suggests a narrative of care, support, and love, reflecting themes of assistance and the importance of providing a nurturing environment for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

                Indian start-up company offering paid early childhood intervention as in-house services

                LoveForLife Rehabilitation Services (LFL Care), India: Offers personalized parent-child counselling and early intervention services. In 2022–2023, served over 500 children, mostly aged 0 to 6 years, with various therapies and educational support.
                LFL Care, India

              • This is a classroom setting with a diverse group of students wearing blue school uniforms, attentively participating in a lesson. A teacher stands at the front, gesturing as part of the instruction, demonstrating an active learning environment. The whiteboard behind the teacher is filled with written educational material, suggesting the subject might involve language learning. The room is well-lit with natural light, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere. The students are engaged in the learning process, with one student pointing towards the board, indicating participation and interaction. The scene reflects an inclusive educational environment where learning and student engagement are prioritized.

                A school educating a majority of deaf students with a minority of hearing students

                Fundación ICAL, Colombia: Runs a specialized school using the Inverse Inclusion model. Majority of students with disabilities learn alongside a minority of hearing students. By 2023, more than 170 students aged 3 to 25 years were enrolled.
                Inverse Inclusion, Colombia