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              • The image shows a young child, likely of Southeast Asian descent, deeply engrossed in reading a book. The child is sitting at a wooden table, leaning forward with attention focused on the page. The environment appears to be a modest, open-air setting, possibly a home or community space, with personal items and a bicycle in the background. The scene evokes a sense of dedication to learning and the importance of education, regardless of one's surroundings. The child's engagement with the book is a powerful reminder of the universal value of literacy and knowledge.

                Inclusive education and vocational training in remote rural areas of South-East Asia

                Disability Development Services Programme (DDSP), Cambodia: Implements inclusive education projects in rural Pursat province. Integrated children with disabilities into mainstream schools, increasing inclusive class pupils from 255 to 1,105 by 2023.
                Mith Komar Pikar (‘Friends of Children with Disabilities’), Cambodia

              • Two men are strapped to a transportation device with which they are carrying a young woman with a physical disability on top of a mountain with a background of snowed upon hill tops.

                IT-platform for planning and booking accessible travel

       is a barrier-free information and booking platform for tourists with special needs in Russia as well as for representatives of the tourism industry who lack the knowledge to adapt to tourists with disabilities. in addition, Globe4all also trains people with disabilities to become tourist guides.
                Globe Media, LLC, Globe4all, Russia

              • This photo depicts a diverse group of individuals in a modern learning environment, engaged in activities on their laptops. They appear focused and dedicated to their tasks. The presence of both men and women in the room reflects inclusivity and gender equality. The setting suggests a commitment to professional development and the empowerment of individuals through education and technology. The environment seems supportive and conducive to learning, highlighting the importance of providing equal opportunities for personal and professional growth.

                Comprehensive ICT skills empowerment programme for disadvantaged women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa

                Save Our Needy Organization (SON), Nigeria: Empowers underprivileged girls and women, focusing on digital, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. In 2023, expanded to reach over 2,000 females in six Nigerian regions.
                Project Empower, Nigeria

              • Using technology in the classroom to support all students

                The focus of the project is to increase knowledge among students, teachers, and other involved professionals on how the use of innovative technology in the classroom can facilitate participation and performance. 215 students with disabilities also received individual support. An accompanying study confirmed significant improvements.
                Swedish Agency for Disability Coordination, Sweden

              • Moving children and adults back to their families or community-based homes

                "Community for All" partners with the central government and NGOs to transfer children and adults from institutions back to their families or into community-based homes, and offers services such as education, health care, and social care to support them. From 2015 to 2018, some 2000 people benefitted from programme’s community-based services.
                Keystone Human Services International - Moldova Association, Community for All Moldova, Moldova

              • This image captures a group of individuals, who appear to be African, engaged in a workshop or meeting. They are seated around tables covered with patterned tablecloths, suggesting a communal and collaborative environment. A man stands at the front, possibly facilitating the session, indicating a focus on learning or discussion. The participants have various expressions of engagement, some looking directly at the camera, others in conversation, and some focused on materials in front of them. The scene embodies themes of collective effort, education, and possibly empowerment, as the group seems to be actively participating in a constructive activity.

                Inclusive education programme for children with disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa

                Appui au Développement de l’Enfant en Détresse (ADED), Congo: Implemented the Tunafasi Programme in Uvira region for quality inclusive education. Raised school attendance from 5% to 68.5% between 2020 and 2023.
                Tunafasi, Democratic Republic of Congo

              • Creating online-courses to support disabled people’s professional development

                CSR Ukraine's Career Hub Pro: Freelance: Online training for young people with disabilities, focusing on freelance work. By 2023, trained over 150 individuals, with two-thirds receiving paid contracts post-training.
                Career Hub Pro: Freelance, Ukraine

              • In a decorated cafeteria students are studying with their tutor

                An inclusive post-secondary programme for students with intellectual disabilities

                This eight-semester programme allows students with intellectual disabilities to create and study a personalized curriculum. Students of teacher training assist them and take on the role of tutors. The programme supports the preparation of students for the labour market, while the teacher trainees receive credits towards their studies.
                Pedagogical College Salzburg, BLuE University Programme, Austria

              • E-government automatically transferring disability benefits without any bureaucracy

                Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Azerbaijan: Implemented a reverse system for disability benefits and pensions, automating verification and payment processes. Benefited over 46,800 persons with disabilities from 2020 to 2023.
                e-government, Azerbaijan

              • Persons with intellectual disabilities working as university lecturers

                The Institut für Inklusive Bildung qualifies people with intellectual disabilities and provides them with job opportunities, mostly teaching about the specific requirements of people with intellectual disabilities. As "education specialists" ("Bildungsfachkraft") they teach in high schools, speak at conferences, and conduct workshops.
                Institute for Inclusive Education, Germany