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              • Inclusive Education in post-war instability

                The effective and creative use of resources has enabled a programme of inclusive education and early intervention to be rolled out in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. In 2007, the programme covered 42 schools, 62 teachers and 316 children. In 2010, there were 318 schools, 400 teachers and 2,051 children.
                UNICEF - Iraq, Inclusive Education Programme of 2007 by the Ministry of Education, Iraqi-Kurdistan, Iraq, Iraq

              • In1School Litigation

                Using courts and litigation for the right to Inclusive Education

                In1school addresses the right to Inclusive Education. Project members are collecting cases and data on educational exclusion and team up with lawyers to develop litigation strategies. They also communicate findings by media and support parents who are struggling to enrol or keep their children in regular education.
                In1school, Netherlands

              • Mother claps her hands while her child is playing with toys attending early intervention therapy.

                Comprehensive Inclusive Education for indigenous communities

                ADISA is an NGO providing community-based Inclusive Education to children with disabilities from the indigenous community of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. The integrated programme involves teachers, parents, students and the community. The annual cost fort he programme is approximately USD 60,000.
                ADISA - Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities, Inclusive Education Programme, Guatemala

              • A room of pre primary teachers in colorful hijabs clap their hands and smile, after they have been trained on Inclusive Education.

                Community Based Inclusive Development promoting Inclusive Education in Zanzibar

                The project focuses on the training of teachers in inclusive methods and intervention, as well as on fostering greater community awareness by working with parents and administrators. The project has been implemented in three of Zanzibar’s eleven districts, and in 2018 more than 4,300 children with disabilities were enrolled.
                MECP-Z - The Madrasa Early Childhood Programme Zanzibar, School Enrolment, Tanzania

              • The image shows a young child, likely of Southeast Asian descent, deeply engrossed in reading a book. The child is sitting at a wooden table, leaning forward with attention focused on the page. The environment appears to be a modest, open-air setting, possibly a home or community space, with personal items and a bicycle in the background. The scene evokes a sense of dedication to learning and the importance of education, regardless of one's surroundings. The child's engagement with the book is a powerful reminder of the universal value of literacy and knowledge.

                Inclusive education and vocational training in remote rural areas of South-East Asia

                Disability Development Services Programme (DDSP), Cambodia: Implements inclusive education projects in rural Pursat province. Integrated children with disabilities into mainstream schools, increasing inclusive class pupils from 255 to 1,105 by 2023.
                Mith Komar Pikar (‘Friends of Children with Disabilities’), Cambodia

              • The photo depicts a group of African men and women gathered around tables in a community setting, possibly a classroom or meeting space. The individuals are engaged in what appears to be a discussion or workshop, with a focus on inclusivity and community support, as suggested by the poster in the background mentioning improved access to inclusive early childhood care. The attire and adornments of the participants, along with the context provided by the poster, suggest a commitment to cultural identity and social development. The scene embodies themes of collaboration, education, and empowerment within a diverse community.

                Ensure inclusive early childhood care and education in refugee camps and emergencies

                CBM and Waldorf Kakuma Project, Kenya: Runs an inclusive education project in Turkana County for children with disabilities. Provides learning materials and teacher training. From 2021 to 2023, supported close to 2,000 children.
                CBM Turkana Inclusive Education Project, Kenya

              • This image shows a group of children engaged in an educational activity around a wooden table. They are sorting colorful counters, possibly as part of a math or sorting exercise. Two sheets of paper with what appears to be Braille are also visible on the table, suggesting that the activity may be inclusive of children with visual impairments. The children seem focused and cooperative, embodying themes of inclusion, teamwork, and learning. The diversity in their clothing and appearance may reflect a multicultural environment.

                Empowering inclusive education with ICT integration

                ADISA and CBM's Inclusive Education Programme, Guatemala: Promotes inclusive education through Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Between 2022 and 2023, trained 500 teachers and 400 parents, benefiting 800 children in ten schools.
                Promoting inclusive education in Guatemala through the development of a Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Guatemala

              • Two girl are clapping their hands and a blind boy is touching something in front of him, getting information by  his teacher.

                A worldwide online library of good practices in Inclusive Education

                DIVERSA serves as a "resource bank" on inclusive education for educators, policy makers and other stakeholders. The website includes disability data, policies, and strategies as well as stories and articles. Although it is available in Portuguese only, DIVERSA has had users from more than 100 countries.
                Rodrigo Mendes Institute, DIVERSA, Brazil

              • Creating a role model for Tanzania`s Inclusive Education policy

                The project seeks to model Tanzania’s National Strategy on Inclusive Education by initiating systematic changes in education in three districts. These changes will influence school management, teacher training, and pupil support, as well as raise awareness and ensure that families and the communities are involved.
                ADD International - Action on Disability and Development, Tanzania

              • 6 women sit around a table, which is covered with documents, taking part in a class.

                A systematic approach to creating inclusive school environments

                "One school for All" is the first whole school approach to Inclusive Education in Bulgaria. The two-year programme offers schools a structured and systemic approach in four key areas: school leadership, teaching practices, partnership with parents, and child safety. In Bulgaria, the programme costs around € 5,200 for a school.
                Association for Shared Learning ELA, One School for All – a model for creating inclusive school environments, Bulgaria