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              • This image shows a young child engrossed in using a tablet. The child is sitting on the floor with a focus that suggests engagement with the content on the screen. The tablet is encased in a protective pink cover, indicating that it may be specially designed for use by children. The child appears to be casually dressed in a comfortable environment, possibly at home, which suggests a sense of security and the opportunity to learn and explore digitally. The picture subtly emphasizes the importance of access to technology for all ages and the role it plays in education and development.

                A start-up app that reaches more than 1.3 million sign language learners worldwide

                Lingvano, Austrian Start-Up: Mobile app for learning sign languages. Offers courses in American, Austrian, and British Sign Language. From 2018 to 2023, reached over 1.3 million users globally.
                Lingvano App, Austria

              • A hand is holding an iphone in which a message is shown saying: "Someone needs your help. A blind or visually impaired person is calling for help."

                Smartphone app connecting visually impaired users in need with supportive volunteers

                Be My Eyes, a Danish start-up company with headquarters in San Francisco, California, introduced a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers. The app consists of a two-way audio and one-way video feed that allows the sighted volunteer to be the eyes of the blind user.
                Be My Eyes, Be My Eyes, Denmark

              • A boy wearing a hearing aid is looking at the mobile screen with a paper that has a similar image printed in a paper.

                Storytelling mobile app for children who are deaf or blind

                In 2019 the Turkish Association of the Deaf (TIED) launched an interactive video app aimed at children with hearing disabilities that functions like an audio-visual library. The audio description, introduced in 2022, makes the library also accessible for children with visual impairments.
                Association of People with Hearing Impairment of Turkey, İki-Dilli Öyküler (Bilingual stories), Turkey

              • Person with disability accessibly the Big Red Button App on the tablet.

                Using Technology to Increase Autonomy

                In case of an emergency users can hit the "Big Red Button" app on their Jeenee mobile phone, which puts them in direct contact with the CCA's help centre – staffed by people knowledgeable and trained in disability issues. In 2018, Jeenee Mobile had tens of thousands of customers both with and without disabilities throughout Australia.
                Community Connections Australia & Jeenee Mobile, “Big Red Button” App, Australia

              • A Sign Language App, Dictionary and Learning Tool

                The FingerTalk app for the first time digitized South African sign language dictionary and made it available for free. The app is designed as a self-learning tool and enables users to share SASL signs via social media and the messenger service WhatsApp. Until mid-2018, more than 4,000 users have downloaded the app.
                Wigital, FingerTalk, South Africa

              • Two screen grab of phones with one showing a document scanned and the other showing a hand holding a food canister with a speech bubble "Mustard with pickles, 14oz".

                A smartphone app using the camera to describe all sorts of objects and text around the user

                Google introduced the app ‘Lookout’ in 2019 whereby users who take a photo with their smartphone receive a text or voice message with a description of objects, printed text, handwriting, and barcode/OR-code recognition. By 2022 the app had been more than 100,000 downloads. Google Inc., Lookout,

              • This is a heartwarming photo showing a moment of care and connection between two individuals. A woman, likely of African origin, is gently holding a mug for a young child in her arms. The child, smiling broadly and looking directly at the camera, appears to be very happy and comfortable in the woman's embrace. The setting seems to be a home environment, with wooden furniture and cabinetry in the background. The image conveys themes of nurturing, support, and the joy found in simple acts of kindness. The woman's action exemplifies assistance and the child's joyful expression reflects the positive impact of such care.

                Using an app, training, and advocacy to fight malnutrition among children with disabilities

                SPOON's Count Me In Project, U.S.: Combines training with a health app to combat malnutrition in children with disabilities. Reached over 14,000 children in 2022 and produces data for advocating inclusive policies and investments.
                Count Me In (app), Lesotho

              • This picture shows someone's hands holding a smartphone on which an app is identifying the banknote held in front of the camera.

                Mobile app that identifies banknotes from more than 100 currencies

                Cash Reader, developed by the start-up company Hayaku from the Czech Republic, is an app for smartphones that identifies banknote values for almost every currency globally. Users point their smartphone’s camera at the banknote and the app informs them of the value, either using speech or vibration patterns.
                Hayaku s.r.o., Cash Reader, Czech Republic

              • A person with a tablet computer is explaining the RehApp to another person to his right. A group of six women sit on chairs in a circle. On a makeshift coffee table is a platter with a cake

                App with hands-on information on rehabilitation to fieldworkers in low-income countries

                RehApp is a free app that supports fieldworkers in low-income countries to provide effective rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. The app provides specialist information and options for interventions developed by more than 70 disability experts. In 2020 there were 200 users.
                Enablement B.V., RehApp, Netherlands

              • A young woman sitting in her electric wheelchair looks at the "Accessbile Zagreb service" app on her smartphone. She is waiting in front of a Zebra crossing in a residential area.

                A city collecting all the information about its accessibility for a smartphone app

                Accessible Zagreb is a web/app service of the City of Zagreb, Croatia, that provides detailed information about accessibility and the respective accessibility features of public facilities and streets, as well as real-time information about public transport. Accessible Zagreb is available in Croatian, English, and German.
                City of Zagreb, Office for Social Protection and Persons With Disabilties, Accessible Zagreb online service, Croatia