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              • Access to education for refugee children with disabilities

                The mission of this project is to improve the access to education for children with disabilities in the refugee camp of Gihembe (rural area) as well as in the town of Kigali (urban area) in Rwanda. After a pilot study, the initiative will share the results with its main partners, who are working on refugee issues in Rwanda.
                IRD - Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities, Rwanda

              • This image depicts a therapy session where a healthcare professional, a woman, is assisting a young child. The child is lying on a therapy mat with a blue exercise ball placed between their legs, which the therapist is holding. The environment suggests a pediatric therapy clinic, evidenced by the toys, therapy equipment, and child-friendly decorations around the room. The therapist is focused on the child, indicative of a caring and supportive interaction aimed at aiding the child's development or rehabilitation. The scene embodies themes of assistance, care, and the nurturing of growth and improvement, all within a setting designed to be welcoming and engaging for children.

                Emergency early childhood intervention supporting over 12,000 Ukrainian refugees

                EASPD's Emergency Support for Ukrainian Refugees: Develops new models for transnational cooperation and resources for children affected by war. Created a large database of tools and materials adaptable to other regions.
                Joint Emergency Early Childhood Development Support for Ukrainian Refugees, Bulgaria

              • A young woman is sat on the floor leaning against a bag of crocheted goods and with goods piled beside her. She is crocheting using a crochet hook and light pink wool. She is wearing a hygiene mask.

                Providing income-generating activities to refugees with disabilities

                Launched in 2017, the programme provides inclusive livelihoods for people with disabilities in two refugee settlement areas in Uganda. The water supply is connected to accessible water points, and seeds and tools for vegetable growing are provided. By 2020, 3,215 people have benefited.
                World Vision, Inclusive Livelihood for Refugees, Uganda

              • The photo depicts a group of African men and women gathered around tables in a community setting, possibly a classroom or meeting space. The individuals are engaged in what appears to be a discussion or workshop, with a focus on inclusivity and community support, as suggested by the poster in the background mentioning improved access to inclusive early childhood care. The attire and adornments of the participants, along with the context provided by the poster, suggest a commitment to cultural identity and social development. The scene embodies themes of collaboration, education, and empowerment within a diverse community.

                Ensure inclusive early childhood care and education in refugee camps and emergencies

                CBM and Waldorf Kakuma Project, Kenya: Runs an inclusive education project in Turkana County for children with disabilities. Provides learning materials and teacher training. From 2021 to 2023, supported close to 2,000 children.
                CBM Turkana Inclusive Education Project, Kenya

              • Providing hearing and seeing aids paired with inclusive education in refugee camps

                PCCDS, Hebron: Improves educational outcomes for students with hearing and visual disabilities. Provided hearing aids and glasses, increasing completion rates from 27% to 59%.
                Support programme for young people with visual or hearing disabilities, Palestine

              • Comprehensive accessibility programme for large refugee camps

                Inclusive Rohingya Response was launched by the Centre for Disability in Development, a leading NGO in Bangladesh. It identifies inaccessible facilities in refugee camps of the Rohingya people and modifies them with locally available materials, provides training for staff members and health and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.
                CDD - Centre for Disability and Development, Inclusive Rohingya Response, Bangladesh

              • Students learn in class, while the teacher is standing in the middle und holding a power point presentation in the back.

                Subscription-based online education platforms that also work without internet

                Kamer Big Bang is an online resource centre for matching users with jobs and learning opportunities. educlick is a mobile phone-based e-learning system whereby users undertake courses via text message. Originally targeted to people displaced through armed conflict, both platforms became popular with people with disabilities.
                EduClick, Kamer Big Bang platform and educlick platform, Cameroon

              • A person with mobility disabilities and a person with visual impairments accessing the ramp.

                Inclusive Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

                In April 2015 a strong earthquake struck Nepal, injuring and disabling around 3,000 people. "Inclusive Post-Earthquake Reconstruction: Public Building Safe and Accessible for All," initiated by ADRAD, is committed to inclusive reconstruction in the worst affected areas and reforms for more accessible construction.
                Action on Disability Rights And Development-Nepal, Nepal

              • A scene in a public square in Africa, with two men and one woman steady one women who is unconscious or has fallen. All have serene facial expressions, one of the man is talking intensily to a crowd of people observing and taking pictures.

                Forum theatre alleviates war trauma and creates an inclusive stage and art experience

                Northern Uganda Hip Hop Culture's forum theatre addresses the challenges faced by people with disabilities, such as land grabs, denial of rights, and divorce. It uses audience interaction to explore solutions together, and can be easily adapted to different types of issues.
                Northern Uganda Hip Hop Culture, The Forum Theatre, Uganda

              • Video teching political-related signs.

                Capturing and distributing critical election-related sign language

                With the "Electoral Sign Language Lexicon" IFES captures critical election-related sign language vocabulary. For explanation there are books, the Internet and an app. Train-the-trainer workshops are also available. Over 300 books have been distributed and the app has been downloaded more than 500 times.
                IFES - International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Electoral Sign Language Lexicon, Libya