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              • Two men undertake a job placement with technical devices.

                Full-range services in Inclusive Education and job readiness

                PRIDE is a modular programme for people with disabilities covering the areas of training (from the age of 4), vocational preparation and job placement. Participants in the PRIDE program can either attend the Manzil Educational Center on a full-time basis or complete individual programs on a part-time basis
                Manzil Center, People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Empowerment (PRIDE), United Arab Emirates

              • The photo shows a diverse group of individuals seated in what appears to be a graduation ceremony, as suggested by the academic caps they are wearing. The focus is on two people in the foreground who seem to be experiencing a moment of joy and pride. The individuals come from various backgrounds, reflecting a multicultural environment. Their expressions convey a sense of accomplishment and happiness. The setting promotes themes of achievement and inclusivity, as it captures a moment where personal efforts are celebrated, regardless of one's background or abilities. The atmosphere is one of positivity and mutual support, aligning with values of equality, tolerance, and justice.

                Vocational training for young people with intellectual disabilities in the Arab region

                SEDRA Foundation's ‘Learn and Work’ Programme, UAE: Assists young people with intellectual disabilities in workforce transition. Offers hybrid learning and internships, concluding with a certificate from BUiD. In 2022, supported 25 individuals, with six securing full-time jobs.
                Learn and Work Programme, United Arab Emirates

              • Universal Accessibility Strategy for the whole of Dubai

                In 2017 the Government of the Emirate of Dubai has begun to implement the Dubai Universal Accessibility Strategy and Action Plan involving fifteen governmental and semi-governmental local entities. The aim is to create full accessibility to the built environment and public transportation by 2020, based on Universal Design principles.
                Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Government of the Emirate of Dubai – Universal Accessibility Strategic Plan 2017–2020, United Arab Emirates

              • A boy points to the keyboard with different colored buttons connected to the laptop while the man seated beside him is watching over the boy.

                Computer keyboard with only 11 buttons for people with motor impairments

                The Key-X smart keyboard, launched in 2018 by multinational start-up Key2enable, has just eleven touch-sensitive, iconographic keys that enable operation without much effort, while being robust enough for rough touches. By 2022 some 2,500 Key-X keyboards had been sold in 28 countries.
                Key2enable Assistive Technology MENA Ltd, Key-X, United Arab Emirates