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              • Training the teachers and their trainers in Inclusive Education

                A key part of the programme is the provision of training courses on Inclusive Education at the Armenian State Pedagogic University, where there are two compulsory and two optional courses on Inclusive Education. 200 mainstream schools are supported to become inclusive and some 5,000 teachers from these schools are beiing trained.
                Bridge of Hope, Armenia

              • Two children are playing with colorful cubes in front of a toy shelf in Kindergarden in the Berd region.

                Supporting smooth and inclusive transitions from preschool to primary school

                For teachers SMILE offers capacity-building training on Inclusive Education and mentoring visits to assistance. Also the parents are supported to encourage them to actively participate in their children's education. Furthermore, the programme also promotes cooperation between teachers and parents.
                Bridge of Hope, SMILE for Children, Armenia

              • Large-scale, all-encompassing training and transition programme

                The programme aims to improve the economic and social integration of young people with disabilities in Armenia. To this end, various activities are carried out. These include vocational training through inclusive courses, which have been created in vocational training centres throughout the country.
                Bridge of Hope, Programme “Right to Earn a Living”, Armenia

              • A full chain of support from primary school to employment

                LIFE is a programme for inclusive vocational education and employment for people with disabilities, starting as early as primary school and ending with job placement. 2012 it was introduced in Armenia. By 2016 approximately 900 persons were placed in training and 653 persons were employed through the programme.
                Save the Children Armenia, Livelihood Improvement through Fostered Employment (LIFE), Armenia

              • The photo shows a group of six children engaging in an art activity. They are seated around a table, each with a piece of paper in front of them, painting or drawing faces with various expressions. The children appear focused and happy, with some looking up and smiling at the camera. One child is making a friendly wave. Their diverse appearances reflect a natural and harmonious blend of backgrounds, emphasizing inclusivity. The environment seems to be a classroom, which is bright and welcoming. The presence of paint pots and brushes suggests a creative learning atmosphere.

                Combining pedagogical and psychological support services in inclusive classrooms

                Bridge of Hope's Support Services, Armenia: Provides support services in 135 mainstream schools and kindergartens. By 2022, 550 children with disabilities were enrolled, influencing Armenia's inclusive education policies.
                Provision of pedagogical and psychological support services to children in Tavush Marz, Armenia