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          • Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development of Uganda


          • Jairos Jiri Association

            Jairos Jiri Association is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation for people with Disabilities. Founded in 1950, the Association is the largest service provider to people with disabilities. The Association operates 16 centers were 1200 children and adults get treatment, care and education. Among its many activities are Inclusive schools, special schools for the deaf and blind, hostels and homes, vocational training center, agriculture skills training center, clinics, orthopaedic workshops and satellite units, Community-based Rehabilitation Programme, Craft shops and Gender empowerment programmes. (Source: Website)

          • inABLE

            inABLE is nonprofit organization based in the USA and Kenya. They envision a world where individuals with disabilities have access to the same educational technological and employment opportunities as the non-disabled through assistive technology computer labs. They also envision a world where blind and low vision children do not end up in the streets, but rather become contributors to culture and society. (Source: Website)

          • The Action Foundation Kenya


          • ECDD - Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development

            The Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) was founded in 2005 as an Ethiopian Residents Charity. ECDD works collaboratively with other organizations to promote and facilitate “disability inclusive development” in Ethiopia – the inclusion of disability issues and persons with disabilities in mainstream government and non-governmental service delivery and development programs. (Source: Website)

          • Special Needs Initiative For Growth

            The “Initiative For National Growth Africa ” is a non-profit organization that develops and implements capacity based training and strategies for the caregivers and health providers of children and young adults living with disabilities as well as persons living with intellectual and physical challenges within Nigeria. (Source: Website)

          • NOUSPR - National Organization of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Rwanda

            NOUSPR-UBUMUNTU is an organization that advocates for people with psychosocial disabilities, it serves as platform for them to raise their voice to demand for services and rights that other citizens get. People with psychosocial Disabilities have, since time immemorial been faced with various challenges of being un heard, feared, misconceived as violent, evil possessed, dangerous, harmful and non-productive. (Source: Website)

          • Uhambo Foundation

            Uhambo Foundation is a South African Non-Profit Organisation. Established in 2010, it provides community engagement, interlinked programmes, accessible resources and quality information. (Source: Website)
            South Africa

          • Ghana Education Service, Special Education Division

            The Ghana Education Service (GES) was established, as part of the Public Service of Ghana, in 1974. GES seeks to create an enabling environment in all educational institutions and management positions that will facilitate effective teaching and learning and efficiency in the management for the attainment of the goals of the Service. The Special Education Division works towards the creation of equal opportunities for learners and young people with disabilities and Special Educational Needs at the pre- tertiary level. (Source: Website)

          • NUDIPU - National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

            National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an umbrella organization that advocates for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities’ and their concerns in the mainstream development processes. The NUDIPU strategic plan 2020-2024 highlights progressive commitment on part of the government through legislative and policy frameworks which promote and protect the rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Source: Website)