Artificial Intelligence and Persons With Disabilities: Opportunity or Threat?


Welcome to #ZeroCon23 - The Zero Project Conference 2023 on Independent Living, Political Participation and ICT!

Artificial Intelligence is in the heart of an increasing number of technologies. David Banes, author of "Artificial Intelligence - The Basics", explains AI, and discusses with AI experts the opportunities and threats for persons with disabilities.

David Banes, Director, Access and Inclusion Services
Nehat Krasniqi, CEO & Co-Founder, Alana AI
Paul Anton Mayer, Chief Digital Officer, capito
Kave Noori, AI Policy Officer, EDF - European Disability Forum
Lionel Wolberger, COO, UserWay

This session is part of the Zero Project Conference 2023 (ZeroCon23) — organized by the Zero Project, and broadcast from the United Nations Office at Vienna, Austria. ZeroCon23 spans three days (February 22-24, 2023) and is centred around the theme of Independent Living, Political Participation and ICT. It's featuring Voter & Civic Education, Assistive Technology and insights from Deinstitutionalization to Early Childhood Intervention, Self-employment & Micro Finance to Self-representation, and much more.
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