Awardee of the Day:

Hiking without limits, Chile


The Senderismo sin Limites (Hiking without Limits) program was initiated in Chile in 2015 to ensure that hiking and natural areas can be used by people with disabilities. The program includes training for tourism professionals, self-assessment tools, improvement plans and single-wheeled transport vehicles.

Speaker: Glenda Durán Caro from Fundación Eres

Hiking and natural areas should be accessible to all - Zero Project Awardee of the Day "Senderismo sin Limites" (Hiking without Limits) from Chile is all about removing barriers so people with disabilities can enjoy the great outdoors too. #Inclusion

Watch this #CountdownToZero video to see how Hiking without Limits is making a difference through training tourism professionals, developing self-assessment tools, and building single-wheeled transport vehicles.

#Accessibility is this year's Zero Project focus. 76 Awardees have been selected out of 381 nominations, based on an extensive peer-review process that was influenced by the three main criteria of evaluation: Innovation, impact and scalability.

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