Awardee of the Day:

Cash Reader, Czech Republic


Cash Reader is an app available on iOS or Android phones that identifies banknote values for almost every currency globally. Users point their smartphone’s camera at the banknote and the app informs them of the value, either using speech or vibration patterns, which provides more security in public places.

How can we make banknotes more accessible across different currencies?
Zero Project Awardee of the Day "Cash Reader" is an app that was developed by a Czech start-up to strengthen the independence of people who are visually impaired: The user points their smartphone's camera at a banknote and the app announces the currency and denomination, either through speech or vibration patterns.

It now recognises more than 100 currencies - see how it works in today's #CountdownToZero video!

Cash Reader is one of 76 Zero Project Awardees from 35 countries that are recognised for their proven and impactful commitment to remove barriers for all. #App #StartUp #Accessibility #Inclusion #FinancialInclusion #WeThe15 #CountdownToZero #ZeroCon22

Tomas Jelinek & Martin Doudera from Hayaku

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