Awardee of the Day:

Okayama Broadcasting, Japan


People who are #deaf or hard of hearing can miss out on important societal information, that's why Okayama Broadcasting 岡山放送, a regional TV-broadcaster in #Japan, has created the "Sign Language Talks Welfare" program that is mainly produced by people who are deaf themselves.

The "Sign Language Talks Welfare" program informs the deaf community on topics such as welfare system, emergency care, and community issues. It has about 300,000 regular viewers!

As one of this year's Zero Project Awardee, Okayama Broadcasting is recognized for their commitment to create and improve accessibility for all. A peer-reviewed process with more than 2,000 votes decided the selection of 76 innovative practices and policies (out of 381 nominations from around the world).

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Music - "Visual Traveling" by RimskyMusic.
Sign Language Interpreter - Sandra Schügerl

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