Awardee of the Day:

Conversation in Libras, Brazil


“Libras Conversation allows people to listen with the eyes, talk with the hands and feel in the heart.”
This is how Rafael Greca, Mayor of the City of Curitiba (#Brazil) describes the work of the "Conversation in Libras" Program, our Zero Project Awardee of the Day.

The Conversation in Libras program is an initiative by the Curitiba City Hall and offers weekly face-to-face meetings in its public spaces that improve the interaction and communication in Libras, the Brazilian sign language.

When the pandemic hit, conversations switched to online. Between 2018 and 2020, some 4,500 citizens of Curitiba met and communicated in Libras.

Watch this #CountdownToZero video and join us in celebrating innovative practices and policies from around the world that create and improve accessibility for all!

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Music - "Visual Traveling" by RimskyMusic.
Sign Language Interpreter - Sandra Schügerl

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