Awardee of the Day:

Online Accessibility Toolkit, Australia


Today's #CountdownToZero video features an Online Accessiility Toolkit that was developed by the Government of South Australia. It's a free and publicly available repository to help people make their websites and online solutions more accessible and inclusive.

The repository consists of eight topics, including visual design and user experience and it was co-designed in consultation with over 1,000 people with disabilities. Between 2019 and 2021, there were more than 120,000 unique visitors to the toolkit.

“The Accessibility Toolkit is an inspiring example on co-designing a truly inclusive online service.” says Gisele Mesnage, founder of the Digital Gap Initiative from Australia. The toolkit is now considered a co-design benchmark across all levels of government in Australia.

Join us in spreading the word about innovative solutions from around the world that create and improve accessibility for all!

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Music - "Visual Traveling" by RimskyMusic.
Sign Language Interpreter - Sandra Schügerl

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