The Zero Project Team having a discussion in the middle of large empty United Nations conference room

How time flies! This week we found ourselves back at the United Nations, already planning the 2019 Zero Project Conference. In just over two months we will welcome around 600 participants from over 60 countries to Vienna, Austria to join us in discussing, networking with, and celebrating innovations that help improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

We are currently putting together an ambitious programme on our 2019 topic of Independent Living and Political Participation, and there’s so much that we can’t wait to share with you!

As a little taster we’ll be:

  • Linking up with our good friends at Ashoka Austria again to present 11 scalable models, having primed them for replication at the Zero Project Impact Transfer Forum;
  • Discussing accessible elections, voting systems and balloting techniques from around the world;
  • Learning what good self-representation for persons with intellectual disabilities looks like in a couch session presented by self-representatives;
  • Finding out how persons with disabilities can navigate the criminal justice system fairly;
  • Awarding over 70 Innovative Policies and Practices at a dedicated award ceremony with backstage interviews; and,
  • Presenting the results of the TOPHOUSE project with our partners from around Europe, which aims to support professionals to be inclusive and effective in the social housing system.

And so much more…

Stay tuned!