Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

Promoting an inclusive workplace

The implementation and governance mechanism for the company’s Equal Opportunity Policy.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Promoting an inclusive workplace
Organisation:Wipro Limited
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The scope of Wipro’s inclusive practice is not restricted just to attracting meritorious candidates for employment, but also reaching out to its suppliers and to the larger society:

–      Implementation of practice of inclusion is across 130,000 employees working in over 56 countries.

–      Total number of persons with disabilities employed at Wipro: 353 regular employees and 72 employees on contractual employment. (In 2009-10, 19 regular employees declared their disability; in 2010-2011, there were 200 who did so, and, in 2011-2012, it was 353.)

–      Reach in higher education: a programme of inclusion of persons with disabilities across the top 100 engineering colleges, top 25 business schools and three exclusive polytechnics/institutions for persons with disabilities, where Wipro visits regularly for campus recruitment.

–      Sustained relationship with 12 disability organisations for hiring persons with disabilities.


Wipro’s framework is comprehensive and ensures that inclusion becomes an integral part of culture and working. Wipro’s hiring policy for persons with disabilities is merit-based across all roles and not just in “identified jobs”, support functions or non-core functions. These initiatives have not only opened up opportunities for persons with disabilities, but are also role models for other firms interested in making systemic changes to make their workplace more inclusive.

The company’s approach provides long-term focus. It is part of Wipro’s Sustainability Focus under the pillar “People”. The framework includes: (1) People Policies, (2) Recruitment, (3) Training, (4) Physical Infrastructure, (5) Information Systems and (6) Awareness.

There is a strong team driving the initiative, with the Human Resources Head providing the leadership and acting as champion for the programme for inclusion of persons with disabilities. The Diversity Council reviews the programme quarterly.


Wipro operates worldwide. The focus is largely driven in India. However the inclusion policy and reach is across the globe. Employees in other countries such as UK and USA have also declared their disability and Wipro is able to give reasonable accommodation and create an inclusive environment for them.


Case Study of Wipro, Inclusivity at the Workplace Five Principles that Enable and Empower; published by NASSCOM:


Isaac George
Vice President & HR Head
Wipro Infotech
Phone: +91 9845 107375

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