Other shortlisted practices 2014

Whatscine – Cinema for all

This project works with the newest technology to make cinema accessible for persons who are blind or who are visually impaired. It can also be used for persons with hearing impairments. It uses special glasses, ear phones for audio description or shows subtitles/ sign language at users´ tablets or smart phones.

“Whatscine launched the next-generation technology for interactive and accessibility in theatres, based on universal design…”.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Whatscine y Cinema Inclusion
Organisation:Mais Diferenças
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted persons with vision and hearing impairment
Approach/ model/ solution:special glasses/ showing subtitles/ showing sign language on tablets/ smart phones in cinemas


  • Unlimited number of users, 100% accessibility at movie theatres;
  • Low cost for implementation, no need of user equipment aquisition (mobile application on user’s own device)
  • Already implemented in 25 movie theatres, no extra cost for end user’s: available for free download on iOS and Android


Persons with disabilities are often excluded from watching movies in cinemas because they don´t have the possibility to watch films specialized on their needs.


Whatscine is a system which includes blind/ visually impaired or hearing impaired persons to cinema by using smartphones and tablets to make movies accessible. With a special app for free users can watch films and aside the smartphone or tablet shows subtitles or sign language. You can also use ear phones audiodescription. For persons with visually impairments special glasses can be used.


Whatscine´s technology was developed by Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, to create accessible and interactive environments. It´s already implemented in 25 movie theatres in Spain, by Yelmo Cines and Grupo SADE, since September 2013. In Brazil, Whatscine is in the implementation phase in more than 20 movie theatres for the pilot project.

Whatscine-Cinema for all

View from a smart glass with accessibility resources, subtitles and sign language, for a movie theatre powered by Whatscine.



Mr. Luis Henrique DA SILVERA MAUCH
Mais Diferenças, Rua João Moura 1453
Pinheiros São Paulo SP CEP 05412-003
00 55 11 38814610 / 00 55 11 983395663
www.whatscine.com/ www.md.org.br

Nominated by: Mais Diferenças