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Vocational training made accessible

Fit for the Job by supporting the vocational qualifications – a project by persons with disabilities, with persons with hearing impairments and for persons with disabilities.

“Persons with hearing impairments need to learn more about business studies. But to use all options, they have to learn it through sign language.”

Kilian Knörzer
About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Fit im Job / Fit im Job Pro
Organisation:Gehörlosenverband München und Umland e.V.
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with hearing impairments
Approach/ model/ solution:An online tool for persons with hearing impairments to learn easier and faster for a higher occupational qualification.


  • Comenius-Siegel 2013
  • Comenius-Medaille 2013
  • the project started in 2007
  • there is nothing comparable in Germany
  • the project is demonstrably used very often


It is scientifically proved that for persons with hearing impaiments the best way to learn and to get educated is with the sign language. But there is not a lot of sign linguistic teaching material available.


The projects „Fit im Job“ and „Fit im Job Pro“ empower persons with hearing impairment to participate in vocational trainings in order to access the business world. The teaching language is the German sign language. There are different eLearning modules and an sign-language-online-dictionary, both parts of the project are linked.

The websites of the project are:

eLearning-modules: www.vibelle.de/elearning/bwl

sign-language-online-dictionary: www.wirtschaftswissen-in-gebaerdensprache.de


The eLearning modules and the sign-language-online-dictionary are online and  used by a large number of persons. Many users have positive experiences and experience favorable effects on their vocational live. It is planned to develop Apps for mobile phones and tablets, which would be affordable – until now now funding has been found.

Vocational training made accessible for persons with hearing impairments
Example for the sign-language-dictionary; word: company

Mrs. Anke Hannig
Gehörlosenverband München und Umland e.V.
Lohengrinstr. 11; 81925 München
+49 (0) 89 992698-14

nominated by: Alexander von Meyenn and Rudolf Sailer, Deutscher Gehörlosen-Bund