Innovative Practices 2013 on Employment

A personal network for persons with disabilities

Tyze Personal Networks is an online service that helps people to connect and collaborate in order to support an individual to achieve goals and realise dreams.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:A personal network for persons with disabilities
Organisation:Tyze Personal Networks
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Tyze has 7,000 users and is partnered with over 40 organisations. 91% of Tyze users report that Tyze helps them share information, 80% report that they use Tyze to coordinate in-person events and 75% of Tyze users use Tyze to work directly with others to provide support.


Tyze is built on 25 years of experience in developing personal networks for people with disabilities. It was created to scale the knowledge, values and processes underpinning network-centric approaches to support and coordination.

Good social networks are central to ensuring that people feel supported and can play a part in their local community. Personal networks (family, friends and neighbours) are directly correlated to academic, health and employment outcomes. People who have positive friendships and relationships with people in their local community are more likely to feel good about their lives, have people to call upon in a crisis, and have less need for paid help.

Tyze is rooted in 20+ years of knowledge of building strong, resilient personal networks. This deep understanding is embedded in the networks themselves, as well as in the variety of training materials and support tools.

Tyze is based on the understanding that absolutely everyone, regardless of the challenges they may face, has a contribution to make. Tyze networks are asset-based, value-interdependent, purposeful, celebratory and hospitable. Tyze is designed to focus on identifying everyone in the networks’ assets and enabling and recognising the contribution that each person can make.


Canada, USA, UK and Australia. Established originally in Canada, there are also a number of smaller, community based approaches to “circles of friends” in the UK, US and Canada. None is known, however, to be using technology or scaling internationally.



Vickie Cammack
Tyze Personal Networks
6th floor, 210 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5Y 3W2
Phone: +1 604 628 9594

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