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Smartphone app for accessible points of interest

A mobile app gives information concerning accessibility about points of interest

AWADAO is mobile application dedicated to Persons with Disability to find out the appropriate location or point of interest regarding their ability around them or nearby.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:AWADAO
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted Persons with physical disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:AWADAO offers an app for smartphones which provides information about the accessibility of points of interest and their current distance to the user


  • started in 2013
  • solution as a service selling mode
  • won the EU Disability Matters Marketplace award 2013


Persons with physical disabilities have often problems when moving in public space because they do not know in advance if points of interest are accessible for them.


The aim of this app is to give accessibility information about locations or points of interest (shops, city hall services, schools, transportation, etc…) of the city where people live or visit. The entire content is given/amended by the city hall so that data are valid anytime. Each AWADAO user may ask, depending on his/her disability and geo-location, which is the nearest point of interest, and get a map with requested points of interest and their distance. Also AWADAO users may rate and give comments for each point of interest so that the city hall gets feedback on the information given.


AWADOA offers fully accessible interface and content to persons with physical disabilities. City halls are responsible for providing exact information to users. Users may claim and comment in case of incorrect content. The data is real and checked. The app is using pervasive smartphones; location based services with IBM Intelligent Pervasive Platform asset and retains data on a cloud server, used as a service by each city hall. The full solution is powered by IBM, sold and supported by URBILOG.

Starting screen of the app Starting screen of the app © IBM Human Centric


Ms. Veronique DOUX-MAROT
17 avenue de l’Europe, 92275 Bois Colombes Cedex, France
+33 158753639

Nominated by: IBM