Other shortlisted practices 2014

San Marino – an accessible tourist destination

Due to goal to make UNESCO Human Heritage accessible, it is believed that San Marino could and should be open to people with disabilities, taking also into account the fact that the UN, in the declaration on the rights of persons with disabilities, requires the right to travel.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:San Marino for all
Organisation:Consorzio San Marino 2000
of origin
San Marino
Beneficiaries targeted people with disabilities
Approach/ model/ solution:access to all tourist attractions in the historic city center


  • EDEN Destinations 2013 award of the European Commission
  • The project is divided into three stages: to identify, inform and implement
  • Current studies for guests who are blind or having food allergies
  • implementation of the existing through continuous training


The project was initiated after the mother of a boy with physical disability asked whether it was possible for them to visit San Marino’s historic center. This simple question has been the input for the project. Previously there were no focus on usability or features for people with disabilities in the city.



The project has the objective to open the Republic of San Marino to “accessible tourism”. Local economic operators such as hotels, restaurants and services of the Consortium San Marino 2000 responded positively after having realized the large demand of tourists with special needs, even assuming the implementation of major structural changes. This provoked a mindset change from ethics, morality and economic point of views. The project involved the use of professional tools for slopes and itineraries, lengths measurements as well as the verification of those itineraries together with the athletes of the Sammarinese Paralympic Committee.




There is still a collaboration with associations and companies about how to improve the accessibility of the city. Three years after the birth of the project improvements have been made on public areas (access ramp to the cable car), hotels (accessible rooms) and restaurants (menu in braille). In addition, a special braille guide for the Museo delle Tradizioni Contadine was made. Due to these changes, a growing interest in San Marino was noticed.


Mr. Mahena ABBATI
Via Piana 103, 47890 Repubblica di San Marino
+378 0549 995031