Other shortlisted practices 2014

Safe itinerary for all!

The Loges system of tactile guidance was developed by a team of professionals who are expert in the mobility problems of the blind and partially sighted. Loges was studied and developed after other tactile route profiles revealed inconveniences, taking into consideration the methods used by the visually impaired for moving around.

About the practice at a glance
Name of Innovative Practice:Loges
Organisation:Comune di Lucca
of origin
Beneficiaries targeted People with visually impairments
Approach/ model/ solution:Construction of a path “Loges” link between the railway station and the city center


  • Loges has been the only broadly used tactile route system in Italy since 1996
  • More than 10’000 thousands of installations
  • widely used in Greece, Portugal and France
  • available in 4 colors (yellow, red, light grey, dark grey)


A lot of people are discriminated, affected by visual impairment in certain environments, like the stations, subway stations and bus stops of surface public transport, airports, hospitals and many other public services (eg post offices).


This system (whose name is an acronym of Line Orientation, Help and Safety) is based on a coding language. Loges is produced by Mondo using a rubber based material that, due to its contrasting acoustic response compared to the surrounding paving surfaces, makes it highly perceptible to the visually impaired.,,It is one of the few products that allows tens of meters of continuous walkways to be laid without interruption, breaks or uneven joints.


The obstacles on the itinerary in Lucca will be eliminated and there will be “Loges” itineraries made of stones made by a local stone extractor to make the city accessible to everyone – this will allow to maintain the historic charm of the city. For now, in addition to a series of micro punctual interventions related to public services or in connection with the closest public transportation stops and an interesting trail developed along the Murazzi, the most extensive intervention that applies Loges is the redevelopment in France. Where the tactile paths have been adapted by Loges to give continuity help to the routes in the stations of the Metro.


Via s. Giustina 32, 55100 Lucca, Italy
+ 39 34815207204